21 Apr 2019

Mind Of Mine

Severe - Connor Warlow

The Silent Fate Of Julian Assange

"We've only got a small window left. The narration is becoming a one way street. ...Why can't we hear from Iran, why can't we hear from Somalia, we hear from America and Israel all the time. We need to hear from other nations, what they have to say, ...I don't care if they're state or private." Ex-Jew Nathanael:

Broken Promise Rape

"Sex on false promise of marriage, lying about income or job, is rape. ...if a woman says she's on the pill and she isn't that's not rape. Women can be as devious and deceptive and outright lie to you're face, no crime, if you lie, you're a rapist. ...Lying to a woman is a felony!"

Count Dankula And Sargon Of Akkad To Present 'Culture War' At ICMI 2019 - International Conference Male Issues

HoneyBadgerRadio: Welcome Count Dankula and Sargon of Akkad to the 2019 International Conference on Men's Issues. Why men's issues and culture war? Well, let me tell you!

President Jimmy Carter: "US Is Most Warlike Nation In History Of The World”

The Last American Vagabond: Jimmy Carter says the "US is the most warlike nation in the history of the world.” https://twitter.com/telesurenglish/st... With Russia and China Now in its Sights, US Army to Spend $50B on New Stuff https://www.mintpressnews.com/with-ru...

Video Shows Parked Tesla Spontaneously Explode In Chinese Garage

By Tyler Durden: Karma can be quite the funny thing.
About 24 hours ahead of Tesla's coming "Investor Day" and just moments after we broke the news that Tesla had been granted a restraining order on a short seller who has been critical of the company on Twitter, stunning video has surfaced of a Tesla catching fire and exploding, while parked.
It did not appear that anyone was in the vehicle at the time of the explosion.
A self proclaimed Tesla owner in Shanghai that Tweets under the name @ShanghaiJayIn posted video on his Twitter moments ago of what appears to be a Tesla Model S, 1st generation, catching fire spontaneously in a Chinese parking garage.

Will Interest Rates Ever Rise Again?

Max and Stacy discuss the proclamation made by Donald Trump’s economic adviser that ”interest rates will never rise again.” Does this mean that the real economy is dead forever and that all that remains is the false profits of an ever-rising stock market, which Trump says should be 5,000-10,000 points higher? In the second half, Max interviews Wolf Richter of WolfStreet.com about interest rates, property markets, Uber’s IPO and the future outlook for Amazon and Netflix.

"I Was The CIA Director - We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole"

"We even had entire training courses"
Mike Pompeo unplugged.
By Tyler Durden: Former CIA director and now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has long accused WikiLeaks of being a “non-state hostile intelligence agency”, usually manipulated by Russia. Since Pompeo first made this claim as CIA Director in April 2017, countless major US news sources from NPR to CNN to the Washington Post have uncritically repeated the line, smearing Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as "Russian agents," and more broadly using the narrative to stifle independent journalism and government whistleblowers.
But whether Pompeo or any other current or former CIA director makes such a bombastic claim without offering evidence — such as more recently asserting that China and Russia have "helped destroy" Venezuela through faltering investments, should anyone ever believe a high CIA official? Certainly the mainstream media routinely takes intelligence officials simply at their word, but Pompeo himself recently admitted the CIA is in the business of lying, cheating, and stealing.