30 Apr 2019

A Hacker Just Found A Way To Turn Off Your Car's Engine While You're Driving

"...by one touch, I can stop these vehicles engines.”
By Tyler Durden: A hacker going by the name L&M says he has hacked into more than thousands of accounts belonging to users of GPS tracking apps, giving him the ability to monitor tens of thousands of vehicles - and even turn off the engines for some of them, while they're in motion, according to Motherboard
He has admitted to hacking into more than 7,000 iTrack accounts and more than 20,000 ProTrack accounts, two apps that companies use to monitor and manage fleets of vehicles through GPS tracking devices. He has tracked vehicles worldwide, even in countries like South Africa, Morocco, India, and the Philippines. The software on some cars can be used to turn off the engines of vehicles moving at 12 miles per hour or less. 
Screenshot of one hacked account
L&M reverse engineered the ProTrack and iTrack Android apps to find out that all customers are given a default password of 123456 when they sign up. After finding "millions of usernames" the hacker then blasted them all with the default password. He wound up getting access to thousands of accounts as a result.

How Jonathan Freedland & The Guardian Covered For The Genocidal Jewish Israel Apartheid Regime

Two articles below from past years describe pro-Israel influence at the UK Guardian:
How The Guardian told me not to report the Jewish state Israel regime's slow motion genocide of the Palestinian people
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian’s opinion editor, is an apologist for ethnic cleansing.
By David Cronin: When I started out as a journalist in the 1980s, I asked an experienced Irish reporter for advice. “Read The Guardian,” he told me.
The message that there was no better newspaper had a lasting effect. For years, I wanted to write for The Guardian. Eventually, this desire was realized after I emailed the late Georgina Henry, then editor of its Comment is Free section, in 2007. Henry was immediately receptive to my idea of tackling the European Union from a critical, left-wing perspective.
I very much enjoyed contributing to The Guardian. Having previously worked for quite a stuffy publication, it felt liberating to be able to express opinions.
There was one issue, however, on which I felt my freedom curtailed: Palestine.

You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video!

"Stay woke bitches."
BuzzFeedVideo: We're entering an era in which our enemies can make anyone say anything at any point in time."

NSA Spy Program - Herland Report Interviews William Binney

RCR: William Binney is the NSA official who developed the spy program. Binney designed the program to be limited to legitimate targets. The George W. Bush regime, specifically vice president Cheney, removed the constraints on the operation of the program, because Cheney wanted to spy on political opponents and on allies. In other words, the Constitution was violated. For blowing the whistle, the US Department of Justice (sic) attempted to build a case against Binney for doing his duty and blowing the whistle.

Regarding Men

"We can't tell which men are the rapists and which men are not. ...Men's violence against women governs the entire world structure!"