1 May 2019

Palestine In Pictures: April 2019

Brutalised Samaritans mark the holiday of Passover atop Mount Gerizim near the Jewish state West Bank concentration camp's Nablus area
The Electronic Intefada: Six Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces and settlers during the month of April, or died from wounds sustained previously.
Muhammad Ali Dar Adwan, 23, was killed during a raid on Kufr Aqab, a neighborhood of East Jerusalem in the West Bank, in the early hours of 2 April. Video shows that Dar Adwan came under heavy gunfire as he ran away from soldiers.
That same day, Faris Yusif Faris Abu Hijris, 26, died from injuries he sustained two days earlier when he was shot in the stomach during a protest in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, marking the Great March of Return’s one-year anniversary.
Two additional Palestinians were shot and fatally wounded by Israeli soldiers along the Gaza-Israel boundary during the month.

Gynocentrism And The Golden Uterus - Part Two

By : The following is part 2 of my article on debunking the bedrock of the female supremacist belief system that drives gynocentrism; the golden uterus. Please read part 1 before continuing.
The Naturalistic Fallacy
Often reproductive reductionists will appeal to nature to justify their bigoted beliefs that we should treat men as a lower class of human being, or even regard men as subhuman on the basis that having a uterus makes an individual more biological valuable to the species. The assertion that having a uterus makes an individual more biological valuable is wrong, because it assumes that reproduction is the sole determining factor of biological value – and I have explained in part one of this article why this is wrong.
But I want to assume for the moment that reproductive reductionists and female supremacists are right. Should we value human life on its utility? Should we base society and government policy on the survival of the fittest and selectively abort males prior to birth and subjugate the males that are born, as some female supremacists put forward? We have numerous examples of genocides in the 20th century that were the inevitable end result of such ideas.

How The Delusion Of Diversity Destroys Our Common Humanity

"Heather Mac Donald is a fascist, a white supremacist, a war-hawk, a transphobe, a queerphobe, a classist and ignorant."

Forward ~ Backward?

Introduction by GA: Forward’s Editor Jane Eisner is frustrated. She believes that the US and its Constitution have betrayed the Jews. In the following article Eve Mykytyn suggests that Mrs. Eisner doesn’t grasp the constitution and is pretty removed from the American ethos. 
By Eve Mykytyn: Jane Eisner wrote an editorial in The Forward on Sunday entitled, “Spare Me your Thoughts and Prayers. The US Has Betrayed Its Jews.”  Her thesis is that by abiding by a “perverted, outdated, self-serving view” of the constitution, the government  has failed in its “oblig[ation] to ensure that citizens have the freedom to live lives of dignity, equality and security.” 
Specifically she blames the Second Amendment right to bear arms which she claims “was not meant to turn America into a killing field,” and the freedom of speech clause of the First Amendment which she opines, “was not meant to allow a few powerful, private corporations to ignore their civic responsibilities to prevent incitement and promote social harmony.”

From Copycats To Innovators To Ultimatums

Max and Stacy discuss the 5G war raging between the US and China’s Huawei, which is reportedly 12-18 months ahead of its Western competitors in its technology roll out… and at half the price. As China moves from low cost manufacturer and tech copycat to innovator in high tech and beyond, are trade wars about to get more fierce? In the second half, Max interviews Tyson Slocum of Public Citizen’s energy program about the US pulling all waivers for Iranian sanctions. What impact will this have on global markets?