2 May 2019

Why Social Democracy Is Failing Europe

Authored by Alasdair Macleod: There is a certain tension in the phrase, “social democracy,” and the description of someone as a social democrat. Social in this context is socialism by the state. A democrat supports the freedom for individual electors to express and defend personal interests in regular plebiscites. The two positions are incompatible. 
At this point we should note that in economic terms there is little philosophical difference between European socialism and communism. Both seek to relieve capitalists of the means of production in favor of the state, either by ownership or control. Marx himself saw socialism as a temporary phase on the way to full communism. However, we all know from experience that communism fails by impoverishing everyone except a coterie of leaders. The same problem of the state’s inability to calculate prices, other than with reference to labor costs, and to foresee what consumers require on the morrow bedevils both socialism and communism. The principal difference between the two is the speed at which economic disintegration takes place, tied to the rate at which the socializing state removes personal freedoms and destroys wealth.
Social democrats assume that moderate socialism does not lead to those outcomes, which is a mistake. They are deceived.

The End Of Terror

'If anyone out there is nostalgic about the hope for a better world, act to reinstate Athens in our midst. Listen to your enemy, love your foe, almost as much as you hate yourself.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Three hate crimes: a slaughter in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, a massacre in Sri Lanka and a shooting in a synagogue in San Diego; what do they have in common? The three attacks fit neatly within the Neocon vision of our emerging dystopia. We are set to hate each other. Conflict, hostility, terror - rivers of blood- keep the immoral interventionist agenda afloat.
But there is a deeper meaning in these recent events and the many others that preceded them. Terror, as we should know by now, is a message. Terror has a lethal rationale which is delivered by means of fear and destruction. Perhaps if we start to be attentive to the message of terror we may find this to be the best strategy to dilute its venom.

Yellow Vests Take Bus To London To Protest Orwellian Assange Extradition Hearing

"Free speech, free Assange!"
By Tyler Durden: French protesters, many donning yellow vests, took a bus across the English Channel to protest outside of Julian Assange's Thursday extradition hearing in London, according to Bloomberg.

Totalitarian Tango

Paul Male