4 May 2019

Jewish Apartheid Israel Regime Has Arrested Over 50,000 Little Gentile Children And 0 Jewish Children Since 1967

More than 50,000 Gentile [Palestinian] children in the occupied West Bank concentration camp have been detained by the Jewish Israel regime since 1967, according to the Palestinian Commission of Detainees
and Ex-Detainees Affairs.
On October 13th 2017, 16 children and 2 adults were ambushed and arrested in Hebron by the Jewish Death Forces IDF. They were detained in a cage at checkpoint 56,  cable-tied,  kicked, and hit, then transferred to a Jewish police station where they were subjected to further physical and psychological violence. All were eventually released without charge, after threats were made to their families. (From Christian Peacemaker Teams)

The Great Pretenders

Ex-Jew Nathanael:


Political commentator Jimmy Dore on the Mueller report’s summary showing no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, he says the media has no credibility and is bought by the people they’re supposed to be investigating, says the failure of the American neoliberal system led to Donald Trump and gives his take on US regime change attempts in Venezuela.

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