7 May 2019

Exposé: The Zionist Jew Captured Labour Party Treats Palestinian Supporters As Mental Cases

'The Labour Party in its current form is an authoritarian Israeli Hasbara unit. It may be the most dangerous party in Europe as it deliberately endangers our most elementary human rights: The right to speak and think freely, the right to explore ethical and universal thinking and the need to criticize that which needs criticism.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: If you need further evidence that the Labour Party is a dark political force that doesn’t deserve the light of day, the following will supply the confirmation you need.

Women’s Beauty & Men’s Under-Appreciated Work Of Desire

Important recent classical scholarship has established that “the classical Greek notion of beauty is closely related to erôs, that is, passionate desire.”[1] The learned, twelfth-century monk Guibert of Nogent understood beauty classically. Guibert, however, went beyond the ancient Greek notion of beauty to highlight men’s under-appreciated work of desire.
Guibert presented beauty with a superficial contrast. Consider how Guibert described his greatest blessing:

I have already said, Pious and Holy One, that I am thankful to you for your gifts. I thank you, first and foremost, for having given me a mother who is beautiful yet chaste and modest and exceedingly God-fearing. Mentioning her beauty alone would be profane and foolish if I didn’t add (to show the vanity of the word “beauty”) that the severity of her appearance was sure proof of her chastity.

Putin: Butina's Sentence Is Ridiculous & Shows American 'Lawlessness'

'To make sure that did not look totally absurd, they sentenced her to 18 months to show that she was guilty of something.'
RI: Russian president Vladimir Putin: The Foreign Ministry has already given a comment on Maria Butina’s 18-month sentence. I think the Ministry has made it clear that this is total lawlessness. That is what it is. I think this is a case of keeping up appearances or struggling to save face. There was nothing to indict her for.