8 May 2019

US Economy - Boom, Or Bust?

Max and Stacy discuss the booming GDP numbers as stock markets continue to hit new all-time highs. Despite the great headline numbers, former Obama administration economic advisers claim that the real economy – consumer spending and business investment – continues to show signs of stress. Max and Stacy delve into the economic powerhouse that is California, where every $100 of sales by a company in the state results in $57 of gross profit, far outstripping its competitors in China ($35 for every $100 in sales), or Japan, and Germany where gross profit stands at $39 for every $100 in sales.

Hard Hitting Standup Jokes

"How do you make a gay fuck a woman? Shit in her cunt."

Samoa Village Cracks Down On Women Who Physically Assault Husbands

RNZ: The Gagaifolevao village council made the decision at a recent meeting, claiming wives are equally guilty of physical abuse.
The government women's representative for the village, on the south western coast of Upolu island, told Newsline Samoa the council found an alarming increase in husband bashing.
Moli Kolio Su'a said the council concluded, that while violence against wives can be more visible, they had failed to see the abuse where the wife was the aggressor.
The village already has a similar fine for wife beaters but Moli Kolio Su'a said the council had become aware of serious cases involving women attacking men and that this reflected poorly on the matai's authority.

Roscelin Mischaracterized Abelard’s Subservience To Heloise

Come, Abelard! for what hast thou to dread?
The torch of Venus burns not for the dead.
Nature stands check’d; Religion disapproves;
Ev’n thou art cold — yet Eloisa loves.
Ah hopeless, lasting flames! like those that burn
To light the dead, and warm th’unfruitful urn. [1]

Under gynocentrism, men are subservient to women. Women expect men to come when women call. Men are taught to work to provide money to women and children and to be prepared to die for their country. The public propaganda apparatus proclaims to men, “work sets you free {arbeit macht frei}.” Not surprisingly, men are expected, in one way or another, to pay for having sex with women. That’s crucial context for understanding Roscelin of Compeigne’s vicious letter to Peter Abelard about his affair with Heloise of the Paraclete.