29 May 2019

White Peoples And Their Achievements Are Headed For The Trash Bin Of History Thanks To The Jews

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Western world is collapsing so rapidly that I am afraid that I am going to outlive it.
The Western presstitutes and politicians have demonized Putin, Maduro, Iran, and Trump to the same extent as the patriotic propagandistic Western court historians have demonized Adolf Hitler.  But no one is as demonized as white people, and the curious thing is that it is self-demonization—whites demonizing whites.

Natty Kadifa Does The Honey Badger (Male Human Rights Activist) Like A Boss

Three hours before MHRAs Mike Buchanan and Elizabeth were scheduled to give their talks at Cambridge University - chanting students from the Cambridge University Noisy Twats Society blocked the entrance to the building, but the talks went ahead anyway - there was an incident at a pub in Cambridge in which two people threw milkshakes at Mike Buchanan, some J4MB supporters were also hit by the liquid. Several J4MB supporters then chased after the assailants. One of them, Natty, caught up with one of the (alleged) assailants, as well as the (alleged) photographer commissioned by Varsity, the student newspaper (after 3:35).

Israeli Officer Explains Why Pussy Whipped US Would Get Ass Kicked By Iran, Says US Military Knows This

Israeli politician and diplomat Yakov Kedmi makes the case that the US simply cannot beat Iran in a war.
RI: He brings up many of the same points that The Saker made in his classic article about how NATO would perform in a war with Russia: that the US cannot mass forces quickly, that it does not have enough men to fight a large enemy, and that any major new commitment would force it to deplete its assets in other, geo-strategically critical regions.

Eliminating Free Speech The Smart Way

Authored by Jeff Thomas: Left-wing activists have recently been increasingly active in seeking to limit opposing political viewpoints, in order to create a more ubiquitous “groupthink.” One effort in accomplishing this has been to propose the creation of a “Human Rights Committee” in order to monitor the economic transactions of “white supremacist groups and anti-Islam activists.”
This should not be surprising, as, throughout the former Free World, collectivists are, increasingly, coming out of the closet and seeking to eliminate any and all opposition to their cause.
And this should not, in itself, be alarming, as it should be both predictable and understandable that any politically driven group, be it left-leaning or right-leaning, would seek to gain an advantage over its opposite number.
What may be a real cause for alarm, however, is that those whom they are trying to rope into their effort are banks and corporations… and that they’re succeeding without a shot being fired.
It might be hoped that those champions of industry and commerce would at least put up a perfunctory fight, but clearly, this is not the case. They’re not only caving in; they’re entirely on board.