30 May 2019

Ring Of Fire - Banned By "JewTube"

Ex-Jew Nathanael

Nahida Izzat ~ Master Of Poetic Resistance ~ Free Palestine

Some years ago, I identified some of the subjects they deem impermissible, including:
  • The doctrine of Jewish supremacy, (chosenness) and its role in Palestine Struggle and the ramifications it has had on Palestinian lives and on their destruction; 
  • The global Jewish Zionist network which functions as the international blood line that has enabled the continuous survival of the Jewish state; 
  • The veneration of the holocaust as an article of faith rather than a chapter in history, and the implications of that for the Palestinian struggle for liberation; and 
  • The concealment of False Flag operations perpetrated by Mossad and the intentions and role of both the concealment and the operations themselves in the destruction of much of the Middle East.