20 Jun 2019

Iran Shoots Down Another Strategic U.S. Drone - Is Ready For War With Zio-US Bully - Puts "Maximum Pressure" On Trump

'The unmanned aircraft, violated the territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and start collecting information and spying.'

By Moon of Alabama: Early this morning Iranian air defense shot down a U.S. high altitude reconnaissance drone:
DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards have shot down a U.S. “spy” drone in the southern province of Hormozgan, which is on the Gulf, the Guards’ news website Sepah News said on Thursday. State news agency IRNA carried the same report, identifying the drone as an RQ-4 Global Hawk.
“It was shot down when it entered Iran’s airspace near the Kouhmobarak district in the south,” the Guards’ website added. -
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"We Don't Need Another Apology": US Congressional Hearing Erupts In Boos As Intelligent Student Trashes Reparations Bill

"So the moment you give me reparations, you’ve made me into a victim
without my consent..."
By Tyler Durden: Nothing infuriates the left like listening to a minority express a conservative opinion. And so it was on Wednesday when a black student who was descended from slaves who worked on Thomas Jefferson's Monticello plantation said he opposed the idea of reparations, saying "the people who are owed for slavery are no longer here" and "we are not entitled to collect on their debts."
Quillette writer Coleman Hughes, who spoke at the hearing, dismissed a bill to study the prospect of reparations as "a moral and political mistake." The crowd at the hearing, held by the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the constitution, civil rights, and civil liberties, booed when Hughes said "black people don't need another apology...we need safer schools and better schools. We need a better criminal justice system....we need better health care. And none of these things can be achieved through reparations for slavery."
"The question is not what America owes me by virtue of my ancestry, the question is what all Americans owe each other by virtue of being citizens of the same nation."

Free Speech In Our Time? New US Law Could End Tech Censorship

"I'm not happy about the government getting involved in internet regulation, ...but it's come to this." Said Computing Forever.

Jewish Rule

"We are taking over the world and there is nothing you can do to stop us."
Commentary and Opinion

By J Bruce Campbell: Probably the best description of the problem which confronts humanity
is to be found in Douglas Reed's The Controversy of Zion.

 Reed, a foreign correspondent for the Times of London, discusses the struggle within Judaism between those who craved a Jewish homeland in the former Judea, which for many centuries has been known as Palestine and populated by Semitic Palestinians, and those who thought this was a crazy idea, due to Jewish nature.

Recent Stories Shine A Light On Feminist Insanity

Sir Michael Caine and other rabid feminists are 'craven moral cowards and spiteful, embittered losers.'
By : During the past two weeks I decided to copy links to a number of articles which appeared online and in our local media, all of which were connected to feminism.
Michael was commenting on the #MeToo movement and feminism in general.
Each one is an example of the utter madness, incoherence and hypocrisy underpinning their ideology.
I must confess that I have lost respect for so many people I once admired in recent years. I suppose that’s the price you pay for seeing them unmasked and exposed for what they truly are — craven moral cowards and spiteful, embittered losers.

Most Comprehensive Account Yet Of Genocide Of 2.5 mil Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians By Turks

RI: The author is the longest serving foreign correspondent covering Russia. He published his fascinating memoirs in December of 2018. They are full of insights into what has really been going on in Moscow over the past 30 years. RI wrote about it here. He is the author of 12 books, 3 of them about Russia. 
This is an excerpt from an article on Russian-Turkish relations by the same author which we published two weeks ago:
History is repeating itself. A newly published book, The Thirty-Year Genocide, Turkey’s Destruction of its Christian Minorities, 1894-1924, is the most detailed record to date of the policies of the Ottoman sultanate and its successor, the nationalist government led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, to destroy the entire populations living on Turkish territory of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians.

"We Believe You" - Male Survivors Of False Sexual Offence Allegations

Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our thanks to Patrick Graham for giving us clearance to publish this video, which he directed and co-produced. He says it is now available for anyone to publish and disseminate as they wish. The raw stories from the film are being steadily uploaded as they are edited - all on Patrick's channel - anyone who wants to download and mirror may do so with his blessing.

Declassified: The Sino-Russian Master Plan To End Zionist-Shill U.S. Dominance And Destruction Of The Middle East

By Yossef Bodansky: Russian Press. Vladimir Putin’s early June 2019 summit in Moscow with People’s Republic of China (PRC) Pres. Xi Jinping seems likely to have a disproportionate influence on the next phases of the crises unfolding in the greater Middle East,and therefore on the future of the region.
The escalating confrontation between Iran and the US is both influencing and influenced by the mega-trends set by Russia and the PRC.
Although the key meetings took place on June 5, 2019, the seeds of the new joint strategy were already planted during the May 13, 2019, summit in Sochi between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi. They went over all the key topics in preparation for the Putin-Xi summit.
On June 5, 2019, Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping met in Moscow and decided to not only markedly upgrade the bilateral relations and alliance of their countries, but to use the new relations in order to shape the long-term posture of the entire Eastern Hemisphere in their favor.