21 Jun 2019

Deutsche Bank’s Death Spiral + The Gold/Silver Ratio

"If you're walking down the street and you feel something squishy under your foot that you stepped in and it stinks really bad, that's the people who run Deutsche Bank, those are the people who run the European central bank, that's Mario Draghi.
It goes beyond simply a racket and a crime wave. This is a psychotic cult that's bent on
not only an eco-holocaust,
but an economic genocide!"

The Paedophile Agenda At The Heart Of Global ‘Sex Education’

"Saying 'I like you' is equal to anal sex. ...We couldn't show this on the news, but yet we want our fourth-grade children to be looking at this book. ...In the name of sexuality education children are seeing obscene materials that have been ruled by Congress and by the Supreme Court impossible to show to children. ...In Latin America we still have a lot of poverty, we have communities that don't have fresh water, that don't have electricity. Focus has completely shifted from basic needs. They get comprehensive sexual education without the consent of parents, taking and deconstruction the family. ...The interests of organisations like UNFPA and IPPF is to get parents out of the picture and to radicalise and sexualize the children."

US Embassy & George Soros Pushing LGBT Agenda On Georgia, The People Fight Back - 97% Say No To Gay Pride

By Brian Brown: Levan Vasadze, my good friend and Chairman of World Congress of Families X in Tbilisi, is leading the charge to stop the LGBT movement's attempt to undermine family and faith in the Republic of Georgia.
For years, social liberals have attempted to force LGBT ideology on the Republic of Georgia, a profoundly Christian country with deeply good people, amazing food, and—most importantly—strong traditional values. Unfortunately, the United States' own Embassy has again and again pushed for the LGBT agenda and is currently supporting a so-called "Pride Parade" which has been strongly condemned by the Georgian Orthodox Church. 



Discussion On Gender Stereotyping In Ads: Egalitarian Mike Buchanan v Lesbian Radical Feminist Misandrist Linda Bellos

Mike Buchanan: The other interviewee, Linda Bellos, is a 68-year-old lesbian radical feminist and gay rights campaigner. She has two 40-something children by the man she married in 1970.