22 Jun 2019

Mark Field MP Should Have Been Applauded By Feminist Pry-Minister Theresa May, Not Suspended By Her

By : Mark Field MP, a junior minister in the Foreigh Office, ejected a female climate change protester, from Greenpeace, who’d trespassed into a room in the Mansion House while the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, was giving a speech. Video here (2:03). Sadly, Field apologized – a rookie mistake – and was suspended as a minister by Theresa May for… well… ejecting a hostile and potentially life-threatening woman from the room, it would seem.
Mark Field’s actions were wholly justified and proportionate. The woman could have been armed, or otherwise posed a serious threat to the Chancellor and others, for all he knew. The lack of security at the event was shocking. The five highest-rated comments on the video, on the YouTube channel of The Sun:
Well… a Secretary of State able to do the job of a security agent? He deserves some applause.
Well done sir and a minimum of fuss getting her out.
Uninvited woman being ejected and treated the same as a man. That’s equality for you.

As We Face Armageddon The Western World Is Leaderless

'Bolton and Israel know that the Western presstitutes will lie for them. Watch for
a provocation that allows Trump
no alternative to an attack.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: According to news reports, the validity of which cannot be ascertained by the general public, a crazed US government came within ten minutes of igniting a general conflagation in the Middle East, the consequences of which could have been catastrophic for all. 
The moronic warmongers in high office—Bolton, Pompeo, and Pence—and their Israel Lobby masters are determined, and they have not abandoned their campaign for war with Iran.  Of course, the liars say that Iran will just accept its punishment for defending its territory and there will be no war.  But this is not what Iran says.  I believe Iran.
Some of the tiny percentage of people in the Western World who are still capable of thought regret that Trump called off the insane plan. They think the consequences would have been the destruction of the Saudi and Israeli governments—two of the most evil in history

Where The Nuclear Weapons Are

Jewish Israel terror regime has 80-90 nukes, SIPRI report says,
as they continue to accuse Iran
 [that has 0 nukes] of nuclear obsession.
RT: The terrorist Jewish Israel regime, which routinely accuses Iran of trying to obtain nuclear weapons and pledges to use force to stop Tehran, maintains its own undeclared nuclear arsenal estimated at 80 to 90, according to the latest report by SIPRI.
There are nine nations in the world that currently have nuclear weapons, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) says in its newly released yearbook on the state of armaments and international security. The world nuclear stockpile went from 14,465 at the beginning of last year to about 13,865 this year, the report estimates, as the US and Russia were delivering on their promises under the New START Treaty signed in 2010.

From Tel Aviv To Tallahassee

Florida Governor has an opportune history of vilifying those who confront Jewish Israel regime apartheid.
By Stanley L. Cohen: “Please take your seat, sir,” said the steward to the Governor. “We will be landing at Ben Gurion Airport shortly.” Snapping his seat-belt firmly into place, the edgy Governor fingered his rosary beads as he wondered, to himself, whether Israeli Jews would have big noses like those of Miami. Do they tan well? Would he understand what they say, given their heavy, Eastern European accents? What was the exchange rate for his pocketful of “Benjamins”? Looking around the first class section, the Governor eyed a man with a long, thick, black beard seated one aisle away. For a moment, he thought about getting up to ask him for the missing answers… but he stopped. The guy was too tall and fit with no hook nose… and where was his black beanie? Goyim, he thought to himself, using a term he had picked up in a Boca campaign stop. He looked away uncertain of what awaited.

No… I’ve not lost my mind. And for those of you who I have offended by this frenzy of odious, dark canards… good!

Work Longer, Die Younger: Higher Pension Ages And Earlier Death For Men

By : In many countries around the world, the state retirement age is higher for men; as a result, men often only live to see half the years of retirement women do. One of the major male discriminations around the world is the issue of higher pension ages- in many countries, the state pension age where a person can retire and collect a government pension is higher for men.
This is of course despite the fact that men have shorter life expectancies in nearly every country in the world. As a result, men often have only half the years in retirement to enjoy. I’ve selected a few countries to highlight this difference, bit of course there are many more. I can imagine that if the genders were reversed, it would be considered a gender inequality and social issue, but since men are the ones adversely affected, it’s ignored.