23 Jun 2019

Misandrist Busses

"The myth of women's lack of violence.
The idea that only men are violent."

Bolton Is In Israel Conferring With Bibi How To Provoke US Attack On Iran

'The only chance for world leadership resides in the Russian and Chinese governments. Both should understand that their inaction is a form of deadly action.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: As I posted on June 22 ( stgeorgewest.blogspot.com/2019/06/as-we-face-armageddon-western-world-is.html ), the world still faces the danger of an attack on Iran by Washington acting as an agent of Netanyahu.  Israeli agent John Bolton is already in Israel conferring with Netanyahu.  It is a safe bet that a more serious false flag attack is being planned that will force Trump to save face by attacking Iran. https://www.rt.com/news/462505-bolton-army-ready-action/ 
If Israel and its neoconservative American agents succeed in setting the Middle East on fire, it will also be the fault of the Russian and Chinese leadership.  The Russians and Chinese could stabilize the situation by announcing a NATO-type alliance with Iran and putting military forces in the country, and by informing the criminal Netanyahu that if war breaks out Israel is the first to go.

Putin Explains Why He's So Polite When Western Elites Are So Rude to Him

RI: When it comes to dealing with foreign leaders, Putin prefers to take the high road. Despite all the anti-Russian hysteria in the West, he has always remained diplomatic. Here he explains why:
- Everyone is being rude to us and you call them partners. Why are you so polite?
Vladimir Putin:
- I don't think I'm that polite.

Deep State Technology Is Decades Ahead Of Commercial Technology + FaceBorg Births ZuckerBucks

Corbett: It's a truism of conspiracy research: Whatever technology is available to the public is decades behind what is available to the deep state. As researchers well know, there are many specific examples of this from the annals of tech history. This is one such example.

Who Is Going To Blow The Whistle On U.S. Malfeasance After Watching What’s Being Done To Bradley Manning?

Seriously, who? Would you?
By Caitlin Johnstone: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now being slammed with $500 fines for every single day that she remains imprisoned in contempt of court for refusing to testify in a secret grand jury against Julian Assange. Next month it will increase to $1,000 a day.

Again, this is while Manning is also locked up in jail. It’s not enough to re-imprison a whistleblower who already served years of prison time, including nearly a year in solitary confinement, for taking a principled stand against an opaque and unjust grand jury system; they’re going to potentially ruin her life with crippling debt as well. The only way to make it more cruel and unusual would be to start waterboarding her or threatening her family members.

All for refusing to participate in a corrupt and unaccountable legal performance designed to imprison a publisher to whom she leaked evidence of U.S. war crimes in 2010.

Silicon Valley Playing Political Favorites, Killing Democracy

Authored by Robert Bridge: Perhaps it was expecting too much that the tech giants would check their political allegiances at the door to ensure fairness. Instead, they have let their political affinities disrupt the process every step of the way and this is leading the country down a blind alley. 
June 2019 may go down in the history books as the defining moment when the American IT giants – in cahoots with the limping ‘legacy’ media – removed their masks, as well as their gloves, revealing the real threat they have become to the institution of US democracy, fragile as it already is.