25 Jun 2019

Egalitarian Sargon v Feminist Misandric BBC + Poop

BBC Grills Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad Over "wouldn't even rape" Jess Phillips

The Male Psychology Conference, 2019

By MRA-UK: There must come a time when I can no longer honestly say that this was the best conference to-date. But that time has not yet come. The landmark event since the last conference was undoubtedly the vote to authorise the new Male Psychology Section (MPS) within the British Psychological Society (BPS). Whilst you must be a member of BPS to join MPS, any interested person can join the Male Psychology Network (MPN), here. The creation of the MPS may mean that next year’s conference may be organised under the auspices of the BPS, it remains to be seen. This year was the 6th in the series, and the 5th attended by your correspondent. Over the two days there were some 25 papers presented, plus (for the first time) some parallel Workshop sessions. I cannot do justice to all the talks or I’d be bashing this keyboard for a week. I apologise in advance for any inaccuracies in representing the authors’ words. All the talks were videoed by the omnipresent Tom and will appear on YouTube in due course.
Friday 21st June 2019
Nicola Graham-Kevan (Uni. Central Lancs) spoke to the impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) on children.
This is the third time I’ve heard Nicola speak (though the first time at this series of conferences), and she’s always a good turn.  She noted, and repudiated, the usual narrative that witnessing parental violence teaches boys to be violent and girls to be victims.

London "Acid Attack Capital Of The World"

By Tyler Durden: Shocking video purporting to show an acid attack in progress went viral after it was uploaded to the internet. Though over the weekend it was unclear exactly what had happened in the dramatic footage showing two men throwing something into a vehicle on a London roadway, after which two victims frantically got out of their car while stripping and shaking violently, London police have now confirmed it was the second in a series of acid attacks which occurred last Friday.
On Monday Scotland confirmed that three men had been injured in separate acid attack incidents within hours of each other in East London.

Inhuman Jews Stop Non-Jewish Children AKA Goyim And Shiksas From Seeing Their Dads In Jail

“Every day, Janat kisses his photo and speaks to it as if he was with her,” Farhana said. “When she gets a new dress she asks the photo of her dad if it is beautiful.”
By Ola Mousa: Janat al-Atar only knows her dad from photographs and stories told by her mom. The girl has long been prevented by Israel from visiting him in prison.
Four-year-old Janat was born after Husam, her father, was jailed. Israel has used that fact as a pretext to deny Husam the right to see his own daughter.
Husam and his wife Farhana married in August 2008. They had only been living together for a short while when Israel mounted a major attack against Gaza in the last week of that year.
As a member of the Qassam Brigades – the armed wing of Hamas – Husam took part in the resistance to that attack. He was arrested in January 2009 – after Israeli troops had undertaken a ground invasion of Gaza - for daring to resist.

Sargon And Karen Talk Men's Issues And The ICMI 2019

"First question, what is your favourite flavour of milkshake
and does it bring all the boys to the yard?"
karen straughan: Join Karen and Sargon of Akkad as we shoot the shite and talk about how Carl found himself men's Issues Adjacent.