27 Jun 2019

The Propaganda Ministry Known As “The Free Press”

'Obviously, there can be no democracy when the electorate is kept in the dark.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: As I have reported on many occasions, the presstitutes constitute not a free press but a Ministry of Propaganda for the government and ruling oligarchic interests.  Ben Norton explains that the New York Times gets permission from Washington before it prints a story:
The New York Times has publicly acknowledged that it sends some of its stories to the US government for approval from “national security officials” before publication.
He explains that CIA control and manipulation of the media has a long tradition, a tradition exposed by journalists who know:
Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein, a former Washington Post reporter who helped uncover the Watergate scandal, published a major cover story for Rolling Stone in 1977 titled “The CIA and the Media: How America’s Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up.”
Bernstein obtained CIA documents that revealed that more than 400 American journalists in the previous 25 years had “secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Lord Falconer Is Watching You + Margaret Hodge, Iran & Jazz

'Britain is now a lawless place. The Kingdom is a free nation no more. It is an authoritarian society governed by a compromised political class. Britain has become uninhabitable for intellectuals, truth tellers and peace lovers.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Those who follow my work know that I have little respect for the Labour Party in its current form. However, yesterday, the crumbling party managed to make the right decision in letting Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, back into its ranks. Williamson was suspended in February after saying Labour had been "too apologetic" in its response to allegations of anti-Semitism.
I expected the Jewish media and Israel firsters to perform their usual tantrums. The JC was quick to declare itself  “outraged” and referred to Williamson as a 'Jew-baiter.' The Board of Deputies Vice President, Amanda Bowman, called the announcement an “utter disgrace.”

Big Tech Must Be Broken Up

Computing Forever

Hero George Galloway Sacked By Warmongers & Smeared As Anti-Semite

Jimmy Dore

Elizabeth Warren Supported Jewish Terror Regime During 2014 Slaughter Of Gentiles In Gaza Concentration Camp

Warren voted to give the Jewish apartheid state $225 million, on top of its over $3 billion annual aid, while it was perpetrating an invasion that slaughtered 2,200 Goyim and Shiksas including over 500 children and babies and left 100,000 homeless in Gaza Concentration Camp.
In recent years, her views have moderated as her progressive base has become increasingly supportive of Palestinian concentration camp survivors rights. Now she often aligns with J Street rather than AIPAC. But she still co-sponsored a bill to give Israel billions of dollars…

IDF Jewish Israeli Death Forces Invade Gentile (Goyim & Shiksa) Orphanage School To Stop ‘Yes To Peace’ Poetry

The Jewish Apartheid regime said “No” to a “Yes to peace, no to war” poetry festival designed to encourage creativity in students at an orphanage school in Zionist neo-colonialist occupied Jerusalem.

IMEMC News: On Friday evening, Jewish IDF, including undercover agent provocateurs, invaded the school for Orphans, in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and stopped an educational activity held by the General Union of Palestinians Writers, because the Jews consider everyone who isn't Jewish to be nothing more than potential Jewish slaves who they call Goyim and Shiksas.

Media sources said the school was about to hold a poetry festival, dubbed as “Yes To Peace, No To War,” and shut it down.