1 Jul 2019

Family Justice Panel - The Latest Feminist Corruption Of The UK Ministry Of Justice

By : My thanks to Elizabeth Hobson for this press release, published recently by the Ministry of Justice. The full content:
Panel members [like professor Rosemary Hunter, right] confirmed to steer call for evidence on how the family courts protect children and parents in cases of domestic abuse and other serious offences.
On 21 May 2019 the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) announced a public call for evidence steered by a panel of key representatives from across family justice, to gather evidence on how the family courts protect children and parents in cases of domestic abuse and other serious offences.
The inaugural panel meeting took place on Friday 14 June 2019, marking the start for the three-month call for evidence. The panel members represent key organisations from across family justice including the Judiciary, academia, social care, policy officials and third sector organisations which represent and advocate for victims of domestic abuse, (full details below).

When Jews Invoke The Holocaust

'Is it the Jewish revolutionary spirit, or is it
the controlled opposition gene? ...Are these Jewish protestors willing to describe Gaza as
a concentration camp?' 
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: 30 Jewish protesters were arrested on Sunday outside a privately managed ICE detention centre in New Jersey, which has been used to hold undocumented immigrants.
Invoking the Holocaust, demonstrators described the facilities in which immigrants are being held as concentration camps and spoke of the immigrant children who have died while being held by ICE. The Jewish protesters travelled from cities all over the USA. They were holding signs and singing and chanting in Hebrew and English.

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Orwell’s 1984 No Longer Reads Like Fiction. It’s The Reality Of Our Times

70 years ago, the British writer George Orwell captured the essence of technology in its ability to shape our destinies in his seminal work, 1984. The tragedy of our times is that we have failed to heed his warning.
Authored by Robert Bridge: No matter how many times I read 1984, the feeling of total helplessness and despair that weaves itself throughout Orwell’s masterpiece never fails to take me by surprise. Although usually referred to as a ‘dystopian futuristic novel’, it is actually a horror story on a scale far greater than anything that has emerged from the minds of prolific writers like Stephen King or Dean Koontz. The reason is simple. The nightmare world that the protagonist Winston Smith inhabits, a place called Oceania, is all too easily imaginable. Man, as opposed to some imaginary clown or demon, is the evil monster.
In the very first pages of the book, Orwell demonstrates an uncanny ability to foresee future trends in technology.

Putin Said That Liberalism Is A Failed Ideology That Has Undermined The West

“The liberal idea has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population.”  - Vladimir Putin, President of Russia - https://on.rt.com/9x4u 
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The importance of Putin’s statement is not only in its correctness but also in its repudiation of the policies of the liberal Russian Atlanticist Integrationists.  The Atlanticist Integrationists, a collection of liberal Russians allied with Western interests who seek to subordinate Russian national interests to their global economic interests, have been tolerated in Russia for too long.  Putin should have jettisoned them long before now.  The policies of Atlanticist Integrationists have damaged the Russian economy by sacrificing Russian sovereignty to global interests.  They also support the introduction into Russia of the degeneracy that is characteristic of Western art and culture today.

"Freedom Of Speech In Crisis"

Freedom From Speech
"The Greater Good"
Gary Orsum

Trump Makes History As First US President To Enter North Korea; Announces Restart Of Nuclear Talks

By Tyler Durden: President Trump made history on Sunday by taking an unprecedented step - literally - onto North Korean soil, after which he held an extraordinary last-minute meeting with Kim Jong Un in which he announced that Washington and Pyongyang will relaunch stalled nuclear talks.
Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to cross the 1953 armistice line separating North and South Korea, then joined Kim side-by-side for a roughly 50-minute meeting in the heavily-fortified demilitarized zone.  It was their third since Trump took office, but none have yet yielded a nuclear deal.
Trump and Kim shook hands across a concrete slab forming the line between to the two nations at the DMZ, according to a reporter traveling with the president.
“Good to see again,” Kim said, according to a translator. He added he would have “never expected” Trump “at this place.”
Shortly after, Trump said “Good progress, good progress,” as he and Kim crossed back into South Korea. “Stepping across that line was a great honor,” Trump said, adding that he would invite Kim to visit the White House.
“I think it’s historic, it’s a great day for the world.”

Happy Father's Day, You Piece Of Shit

"In 50 years we've gone from father knows best, to father's a pest!"