2 Jul 2019

Family Justice Review Panel

'There is no father-friendly voice on that Panel. ...Is it because the Government think that “families” are no business of men?'
By MRA-UK: The purpose of this post is to review the membership of this Family Justice Review Panel. It is,

  • Melissa Case & Nicola Hewer, Director of Family and Criminal Justice Policy, MOJ (Chair)
  • Professor Liz Trinder, University of Exeter
  • Professor Rosemary Hunter FAcSS, University of Kent
  • Professor Mandy Burton, University of Leicester
  • Mr Justice Stephen Cobb, Judiciary
  • District Judge Katherine Suh, Judiciary
  • Nicki Norman, Acting Co-Chief Executive, Women’s Aid
  • Dierdre Fottrell QC & Lorraine Cavanagh QC (joint representatives), Association of Lawyers for Children
  • Isabelle Trowler, Chief Social Worker for England (Children & Families)
There is no father-friendly voice on that Panel (as I will explain below).

Key RussiaHoax 'Sources' Identified - Two Russian 'Jews' Paid For By US & UK Tax Payers Via CIA & MI6

MI6 English agent Christopher Steele won’t tell who his Russian sources were for his bogus dossier.  The entire thing was a sham but he did attempt to put faces to some of his sources. Regardless, we’ve identified two of the ‘Russians’ likely used in the Steele dossier.
By Joe Hoft: The first real Russian identified and linked to the Steele dossier is Simon Kukes.  We know Kukes is related to the bogus dossier because Steele mentioned Kukes in his meeting with State Department official Kathleen Kavalec.  Kavalec said that the CIA’s Firestone brought Kukes in. [RI: Kukes is Jewish].
Remember, Firestone was kicked out of Russia because he was turning Russians into spies.  Perhaps Firestone turned Kukes?
Now there’s another Russian connection to add the list: Open Secrets reported Monday that Simon Grigorievich Kukes, a Russian-American oil magnate who has headed a number of Russian oil companies, has given more than $150,000 to the Trump campaign and Trump Victory, the campaign’s joint fundraising committee, since March of this year. These donations mark the first time he’s contributed to federal elections, according to FEC filings.

Orwellian US Gov't: Assange Is Not A 'Real' Journalist - Press Protections Don't Apply To Him... Or To You

By Ted Galen Carpenter: One reliable bipartisan characteristic of U.S. leaders is an obsession with shaping the foreign policy narrative and concealing any information that contradicts their version of events. Indeed, many of them harbor the desire to prosecute anyone who leaks classified material that exposes blunders, lies or crimes. Two events in the past few weeks demonstrate that the desire to squash such disclosures is running at high tide: the attempt to extradite and prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on espionage charges, and President Trump’s angry outburst accusing the New York Times of “treason” for its story disclosing U.S. cyberattacks on Russia’s power grid.
The Trump administration seems eager to go after troublesome journalists—a course that previous administrations generally have avoided since the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the 1971 Pentagon Papers case. The actual extent of that decision’s protection typically has been overstated, however. The Court rejected the administration’s bid for prior restraint—the use of censorship to bar publication–but did not explicitly address the question of whether authorities could prosecute journalists once a story using classified documents appeared. Individuals who leak items to the press remained as vulnerable as ever to prosecution for espionage, but members of the press have enjoyed de facto immunity. Officials seemed wary that post-publication attempts to prosecute press outlets might run afoul of the courts as well.
With the attempt to prosecute Julian Assange, that situation threatens to change dramatically.

The LGBT Community Is Sexualising Children

The Thinkery: Desmond is Amazing probably shouldn't be doing stripteases in gay nightclubs for money.

Trump Sits Down With Tucker Carlson In Japan

President Donald Trump discusses trade negotiations with China, tensions in the Middle East on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Propaganda, Identity Politics & The Torture Of Julian Assange

'The American media, indeed, the entirety of the Western print and TV media, functions as a Propaganda Ministry for Washington and the ruling oligarchies.  The explanations are controlled to serve the agendas of the ruling elites.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: In a few days July 4th will be upon us.  We will hear endless nonsense from insouciant speakers and editorialists about what a great democracy we are, having won our freedom from being a British colony.  
One thing the United States most certainly is not is a democracy.  A democracy requires an informed electorate, and the United States most certainly does not have an informed electorate. The American media, indeed, the entirety of the Western print and TV media, functions as a Propaganda Ministry for Washington and the ruling oligarchies.  The explanations are controlled to serve the agendas of the ruling elites.  The persecution and torture of Julian Assange proves conclusively that the First Amendment is a dead-letter Amendment.
'In the place of unity, we have the disunity of Identity Politics. There are advantages to being preferred minorities and genders that the core population of the country does not have.'