3 Jul 2019

Seriously, Meryl Streep? 'Toxic Masculinity' Doesn't Hurt Men - It Kills Them

Men Are Good!: Paul Janice and Tom discuss the recent comments by Meryl Streep about toxic masculinity and how they hurt boys and men.

Palestine In Pictures: June 2019

A banner showing retired Egyptian footballer Mohammed Aboutrika, who was given a yellow card after revealing a T-shirt reading “Sympathize with Gaza” under his jersey upon scoring a goal.
The Electronic Intifada: Israeli occupation forces shot and fatally wounded a young Palestinian man, reportedly at close range, as the month of June came to a close.
Israel claimed that Muhammad Samir Ubeid, 20, had thrown lit firecrackers at police during confrontations in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiyeh on 27 June.
Ubeid’s body was held by Israel until 1 July.
Shortly before Ubeid was killed, residents of Issawiyeh protested against weeks of police raids on the village.

Paramedic fatally wounded

A Palestinian paramedic, injured while on duty during protests in Gaza the previous month, died of his injuries in a West Bank hospital on 10 June.

Penguin, Rothschild And Zionist Pressure

'This exposes how radically Britain has changed. It is no longer an open society. Britain is now an authoritarian society. It is, in effect, an occupied zone.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Penguin announced this week that in response to claims of ‘antisemitism’ it has stopped printing Col. Pedro BaƱos’ best selling book, “How They Rule the World.

Cuba "Studying Cryptocurrency" To Dodge U.S. Sanctions, Says Gov't

Authored by William Suberg: Cuba is the latest country to consider using cryptocurrency to skirt U.S. sanctionsReuters reported quoting a government source on July 3.
In a public address on local television, the country’s president, Migual Diaz-Canel, said the plan would raise capital for around one quarter of the population, helping to pay for reforms. 
Cuba has felt a severe knock-on effect from the crisis in Venezuela, which was previously a major source of aid.

London Is A Shithole

Paul Joseph Watson

A Few Good Men - I Can Sing About Heaven

A Few Good Men Music Ministry (South Africa),
singing "I Can Sing About Heaven."