4 Jul 2019

Regarding Men Announces Sick-O-Therapist Of The Month, Laura Brown, Ph.D.

: RegardingMen.com, founded by Paul Elam, Janice Fiamengo and Tom Golden has announced it will be issuing monthly recognition of mental health “professionals” who engage in unhealthy, destructive practices. These are practitioners who dupe and abuse individuals who seek them out for help, and who corrupt the education and training of future practitioners.
The following entry is the first in what will be known as the Sick-o-Therapist of the Month Award.

The Western Leftwing Preaches Hatred Of The Working Class

'Today’s leftists are into hate, not the hate of the capitalist exploiter, who most likely has bought them off, but the hate of white people, especially straight white males.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: Considering the American rightwing’s adsorption in war and hatred of Muslims, worship of capitalism whose operatives have sent American middle class jobs abroad, and blind support of Israel, a racist country, Americans desperately need a real leftwing.  All we have is a fake leftwing.
I sometimes think the last American leftist was British born Alex Cockburn, whose mother was a British aristocrat and whose father was a muckraking journalist.  I knew Alex.  He was a gentleman leftist, but more or less a real leftist.
Today’s leftists are into hate, not the hate of the capitalist exploiter, who most likely has bought them off, but the hate of white people, especially straight white males.  The American left is into Identity Politics and Antifa.  Identity Politics damns the working class as the “Trump deplorables.”  The working class is no longer a favored victim group.  Indeed, it is a victimizer. The official victim groups are “racial minorities,” who actually are huge majorities in the world, females, homosexuals and lesbians, and the “transgendered.”

Get A Heal Job

By : I’ve heard it all my life. “Get a real job.” The statement always delivered as the breath of God. The message being of course that there is a truth and a reality that every human being on earth understands, everyone but you. You are naive, you are foolish, and you simply don’t get it.
The statement is generally, and curiously, delivered by mothers, girlfriends, and wives. The frequency will increase dramatically if you actually make it to the long and lonely road one must walk when seeking a
symbiotic relationship with his innate professional disposition. Or as I tell my boys, when pursuing something you’re good at, and love. If you are hit with get a real job early in youth, the impact of the statement can be a crushing elimination of your desire and intention. Later on, it is designed to create
self doubt, anxiety, and fear.

Dystopian Futures: Equilibrium Review

Computing Forever

Jewish Lobby Hard At Work Denying The Armenian Genocide

'Turkish-Israeli-American Jewish collusion'

By David Boyajian: “It’s all about the Benjamins [$100 bills], baby,” Tweeted Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in February. She was accusing super-wealthy AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) of bribing Congress into supporting Israel.

AIPAC, ADL (Anti-Defamation League), AJC (American Jewish Committee), B’nai B’rith, and Congress condemned Omar as anti-Jewish.

2,153 persons at JewsWithIlhan.org, though , defended her.

AIPAC can’t legally donate to politicians. Its Congressional Club members, however, must do so. AIPAC members ‘bundle’ individual political contributions. Some AIPAC officials head political action committees (PACs) which back candidates. And an AIPAC affiliate flies Congresspersons to Israel.

Bitcoin 2019 ~ Max & Stacy

"It's mostly institutional money this time around."

Riot Police Fail: When You Try To Act All Cool And Tough, But The Trolls Won't Let You

Perseus999: Paris, France, Yellow vests [gilets jaunes] protest, February 2019. Star Wars - The Imperial March on trumpet (Darth Vader's Theme) Fail, Instant Karma, Instant Justice.

On That Little Blue Engine And The Horror Of Unbounded Possibilities

By Author Douglas Galbi: When she was about thirty-five, my mom read to me Shel Silverstein’s “The Little Blue Engine” as bedtime reading. My mom still remembered doing that about thirty-three years later. She then gave to me that poem in a book that she made with her own hands.
Today, college students probably wouldn’t have read to them “The Little Blue Engine” without a preceding trigger warning. Here’s the problem: the little blue engine was little and weak, yet it aspired to climb a tall hill. In the rhythm of a machine, not a human being, the little blue engine repeatedly engaged in self-affirmation: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” But it couldn’t. It failed badly. It fell back terribly and got all banged up.
While the “The Little Blue Engine” supports a violent attack on self-identity, my mom crafted her book beautifully with care and empathy.