13 Jul 2019

If You Use Social Media You Support A Gestapo Police State

'The suspension of the WikiLeaks account tells you all you need to know about the fascist excrement that runs Twitter.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Americans, being an insouciant people, are unaware and unconcerned that their addiction to social media supports the Gestapo Police State.   Both Twitter and Facebook are mechanisms by which the police state imposes censorship on Americans and casts aside the First Amendment.  Social media is also used to isolate truth-tellers and to disappear dissidents who expose the official lies used to control people by controlling the explanations that they receive.

Anti-Zio-Apartheid Activist Munir Muhammad Dead At 69

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Earlier this week we lost a great humanist, a hero of justice and a true supporter of Palestine. Munir Muhammad was a close friend. I visited his Chicago studio many times. I am going to miss the great Munir. Rest in peace my dear.

By Erick Johnson: Munir Muhammad, a longtime activist and member of the Nation of Islam, who for years interviewed dozens of politicians and prominent figures on his eponymous digital talk show, died Tuesday, July 9 at his home. He was 69.

We The Alternative Media Can Defeat The Establishment/Lame Stream Media - Here's The Game Plan

By Ron Unz: A couple of years ago, I launched my Unz Review, providing a wide range of different alternative perspectives, the vast majority of them totally excluded from the mainstream media. I’ve also published a number of articles in my own American Pravda series, focusing on the suspicious lapses and lacunae in our media narratives. 
They're an easy target
The underlying political strategy behind these efforts may already be apparent, and I’ve sometimes suggested it here and there. But I finally decided I might as well explicitly outline the reasoning in a memo as provided below.

No Consequences: Jewish Hollywood Billionaire Openly Spied For Jewish Israel Regime, Stole US Nuclear Secrets

“Why is this scumbag still making movies in Hollywood? Why isn’t he in jail?”
By Philip Giraldi: Back in the spring I wrote about coming across the name Arnon Milchan by chance on a movie credit while flying from Venice to Washington. Milchan, some might recall, is a Hollywood billionaire movie producer born in Israel, well known for such films as Pretty Woman and Bohemian Rhapsody. He is less well known for his role in arranging for the procurement and illegal transfer of U.S. technology that enabled the Jewish state to develop its own nuclear arsenal. Far from being ashamed of his betrayal of the adopted country that helped make him rich and famous, in 2011 he authorized and contributed to a ghost-written biography, which he boastfully entitled “Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon.”

"If You Provoke The Entire World, Something Very Terrible May Happen"

'He basically tells the leader of the most populous nation on earth – China – to “be there”, at the G20 Summit,
or else.'
Authored by Andre Vltchek: The United States believes that it is so invincible, exceptional and so frightening that no one would ever dare to protest, let alone defend its people against constant humiliation, economic embargos and military threats.
It used to be like this for quite some time. In the past, the West used to bully the world before and after each well-planned assault. Also, well-crafted propaganda used to be applied.
It was declared that things are done ‘legally’ and rationally. There were certain stages to colonialist and imperialist attacks: “define your goals”, “identify your victim”, “plan”, “brainwash your own citizens and people all over the world”, and then, only then, “bomb some unfortunate country back to the stone ages”.
Now, things are slightly different.

The Death Of Privacy: US Government Fearmongers To Read Your Mail

Authored by Phillip Giraldi: It is discouraging to note just how the United States has been taking on the attributes of a police state since 9/11. Stories of police raids on people’s homes gone wrong are frequently in the news. In one recent incident, a heavily armed SWAT team was sent to a St. Louis county home. The armed officers entered the building without knocking, shot the family dog and forced the family members to kneel on the floor where they were able to watch their pet struggle and then die. The policemen then informed the family that they were there over failure to pay the gas bill. Animal rights groups report that the shooting of pets by police has become routine in many jurisdictions because the officers claim that they feel threatened.

Nagging Now An Arrestable Offence

Independent Man: A UK Woman was arrested for nagging. To what extent should the state interfere in the private lives of ordinary citizens?