15 Jul 2019

Absence Of Fathers, Radical Feminism And Identity Politics Are Hurting Our Boys - Dr. Warren Farrell

ATL: What exactly is “The Boy Crisis,” as described by Dr. Warren Farrell in his recent book on the subject? How does the lack of a father figure affect young boys? Is “toxic masculinity” a real thing? And how has Marxist ideology played into Americans’ conceptions of gender roles?

How The Genocidal Jews Systematically Hide Evidence Of Their 1948 Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestinians

For nearly 20 years, Defense Ministry teams have scoured local archives and removed troves of historic documents to conceal proof of the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, including documents reporting rapes, looting, the demolition of villages and killing of civilians…
General Elad Peled: “My platoon blew up 20 homes with everything that was there.” 
Lev Tov: “While people were sleeping there?” 
Peled: “I suppose so…."
How Israel Systematically Hides Evidence of 1948 Expulsion of ArabsImage: International forces overseeing the expulsion of Palestinians from Iraq al-Manshiyya, near today’s Kiryat Gat, in March, 1949. (Credit: Collection of Benno Rothenberg/Israel State Archives)
By Hagar Shezaf: Four years ago, historian Tamar Novick was jolted by a document she found in the file of Yosef Waschitz, from the Arab Department of the left-wing Mapam Party, in the Yad Yaari archive at Givat Haviva. The document, which seemed to describe events that took place during the 1948 genocide, began:

Humanity For Palestine Presents ~ Freedom Sounds

Dead Prez, Havoc (Mobb Deep), 47Soul, Lowkey & DJ Snuff

Stinking Anti-Gentiles: The Goy Spouse Is The New Hitler

'*Shiksa (Yiddish: שיקסע, romanized: shikse) is a horrid derogatory Yiddish term often used by European Jews to mean a non-Jewish woman or girl.'
By Gilad Atzmon: In July 2018 the three leading Jewish papers in Britain declared that Jeremy Corbyn, a man who has dedicated his life to the battle against racism, was an “existential threat” to British Jewry. As of today, Mr Corbyn is no longer the enemy  #1. The Labour leader can now chill out. The new global enemy of the Jews is apparently the Goy partner. Earlier this month, Rafi Peretz, Israel’s education minister likened intermarriage to a  ‘second Holocaust’.
Minister Peretz said that assimilation of Jews around the world, but primarily in the US was “like a second Holocaust.” He also said that, due to intermarriages in the last 70 years, the Jewish people “lost 6 million people.” I guess that if just one more Jew falls for a ‘shikse*’’, the number of ‘lost Jews’ will climb to as many as 6.000.001. When this happens, the Goy spouse may well have become the new Hitler.

Daddy Dearest

Big Tech ‘Indenture Entire Populations Into Servitude' To Corporations & Govts - Hero Snowden

RT: Tech giants such as Google or Facebook store vast amounts of personal data for their own gain but they are also “happy to hand over” this data to governments, making people vulnerable to persecution, Edward Snowden warned.
Any person can pretty much be sure that “everything you've done, everything you've typed into their search box, everything you have clicked on, everything you've liked” is duly recorded and stored in the enormous databanks of the big tech corporations, the NSA whistleblower said addressing the UK Open Rights Group Conference (ORGCON19) in London via a video link from Moscow.

US Gov't Wants To Destroy Assange - And Hack Lame Stream Journalists Are Eager To Help

Don't be fooled: those attacking him
want censorship powers not seen
since the Nixon administration
By Ted Galen Carpenter: Trump administration officials were enthusiastic when Ecuador decided to expel Julian Assange from its embassy in London, where he had received sanctuary for nearly seven years. British authorities promptly jailed him for jumping bail on sexual assault charges in Sweden, and U.S. officials began plans to have Assange extradited to face espionage charges in this country. He just turned 48 in prison on July 3.

Feminist Invents Chair

"If we have to do something about men sitting with their legs spread [to avoid crushing their own testicles] and taking up more than one seat, what are we going to do about women sitting with their legs closed and taking up more than one seat?" Asked Gary Orsum.