21 Jul 2019

The Vindictive Campaign Against Hero Bradley Manning, America’s Political Prisoner

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By Niles Niemuth: Whistleblower and political prisoner Bradley [aka Chelsea] Manning has now been confined to a federal detention center in Alexandria, Virginia for more than four months and is being subjected to punitive fines which could ruin him financially. 
Chelsea Manning
Manning is not being punished for any crime, nor has he been charged with a crime. Rather, he is being held in contempt of court for refusing—on principle and courageously—to testify before a star chamber grand jury impaneled to railroad journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange into a US prison, or worse.
Daily fines placed on Manning by Federal District Judge Anthony Trenga for refusing to testify doubled from $500 to $1,000 on Tuesday, with the total now standing at $18,000. The unprecedented financial penalties against Manning threaten him with personal bankruptcy and have already resulted in her losing his apartment in June.

Following EU Sanctions Turkey Prepared To Reinvade What Is Now Part Of The EU, Greek Cyprus, If Needed Said Erdogan

By Tyler Durden: Turkey's military is prepared to reinvade Cyprus “if needed for the lives and security of Turkish Cypriots,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday. 
“The entire world is watching our determination. No one should doubt that the heroic Turkish army, which sees [Northern] Cyprus as its homeland, will not hesitate to take the same step it took 45 years ago if needed for the lives and security of the Turkish Cypriots,” state-run Anadolu News Agency quoted Erdogan as saying.
Erdogan issued the statement as the nation marks the 45th anniversary of Turkey's deeply controversial invasion of northern Cyprus in 1974, long condemned by the bulk of UN member countries. 
But the provocative remarks come amidst what EU-member Cyprus has dubbed a "second invasion" involving illegal Turkish oil and gas drilling, accompanied by Turkish warships, F-16s, and drones to ensure "protection" of its drilling vessels.

The Irony Of A McDonald’s Boycott In Apartheid Tel Aviv

Jewish neo-colonialist "Israelis" protest the so-called “unlawful” BDS boycott movement playing out in their midst by calling for a boycott of their own.
By Kathryn Shihadah: The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, in its search for a new fast food restaurant, has invited McDonald’s to join the bidding process.
This decision met with resistance from the IDF (Israeli Death Forces) Veterans Forum and Israeli settlers because of past actions by Israeli Jew Omri Padan, the owner of the Israeli McDonald’s franchise.
Hero Padan has for years refused to open branches in so-called 'Jewish settlements' outside the West Bank concentration camp where the Jews keep some of the Palestinians that have survived their ongoing slaughter so far: he rejects the presence of these neo-colonialist “Jewish communities,” which are considered by international law and most of the world to be illegal.

The Emotional Labour Of Female Doctors

Apparently female Doctors are underappreciated and underpaid.
Independent Man

Jews Openly Admit They Destroyed White Gentile Nations

Hypocritical Jews Push Open Borders for Us
and Closed Borders for Israel
Renegade Tribune: Jews want us to believe they are the ultimate humanitarians who always welcome refugees, but this is clearly only the case for our countries, not theirs.

The Protest Dispersed ~ Then A Jewish Sniper Shot A Little 9-Year-Old Gentile Boy In The Head With An Exploding Bullet

In the West Bank concentration camp area called Kafr Qaddum, from 100 meters away, a Jewish Israeli death force IDF sniper shot a little Palestinian boy in the head for target practice. The bullet exploded into dozens of fragments in the child’s brain and he’s now in an induced coma. (See this Timeline on the Jewish slaughter of Palestinians.)

By Gideon Levy and Alex Levoc: In the freezer of their home in Kafr Qaddum in the West Bank concentration camp, the family is preserving the last memories they have of their youngest child: a chocolate-banana popsicle and a piece of watermelon on a toothpick. Abd el-Rahman Shatawi had bought them about half an hour before a Jewish Israel Death Forces sniper knelt on the slope of the rocky hill overlooking the village, and from a distance of 100 meters fired one live round into the 9-year-old’s head. The bullet exploded into dozens of pieces of shrapnel in his brain.

The First Rule Of Mike Pence + I Was Wrong

It's time to break the first two rules of fight club
JohnTheOther: I think what's happening is this: the feminist mainstream is purposefully mis-understanding the Mike Pence Rule (MPR) as "men are using the buddy-system to prevent themselves from being overcome with unbridled male lust" - this can still be used to belittle men, but has the added benefit that if the mainstream pretends MPR is to protect women, then it allows them to re-write the implementation of the MPR to remove it's protective function for men - while pushing a modified version which advantages women in making false accusations, or de-populating a workplace with male workers - or any other feminist policy.