23 Jul 2019

Changing Times

By : It’s been said that if you want to understand a society, ignore the anthropologists. Ditto for psychologists. Scratch sociologists off your list, too. They’re all useless. None of these disciplines can help us understand a society’s people or their core values and beliefs.
As strange as it may seem, if we want to plumb the depths of a society’s consciousness, into the well spring of its collective thinking, the thing to watch is the advertising.
This is no revelation to the red pill community. From the tried and true ploys, selling beer, cars and a host of other products with raw sexual imagery, to peddling laundry soap so easy to use that even a man can do it, we’ve seen it all.  We’ve witnessed and commented on the tropes for years, particularly the misandric ones, portraying men precisely as society sees them. Menacing. Inept. Useless. Unnecessary. We’ve been taken aback, astounded, as companies like Gillette parrot the modern mindset about men as default perpetrators and agents of evil.
Yep, a few hours in front of your average television and you will get a real clear picture of the society that’s watching it. The worst of it is sometimes ugly, and, sadly, hateful.

Eye-For-An-Eye: Zio-Poodle UK Caught As "Useful Idiot" In Dangerous Jewish Anti-Iran Policy

The Zionist captured US managed to accomplish three things including turning the UK once again into the useful idiot of Jewish neo-colonialist skulduggery.

John Bolton on TwitterBy Mike Shedlock: The UK fell for a US trap when it seized an Iranian ship on July 4. Iran struck back last Friday.

Useful Idiots
Eurointelligence provides interesting commentary of tit-for-tat ship seizures first by the UK, then by Iran in response.
The extraordinary story behind the capture of the British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero is a cautionary tale on many levels. It has the potential of turning into a major diplomatic calamity for both the UK and the EU.

Finally, A James Bond For The Modern Era!?

The Critical Drinker

Syria: Father Of Martyred Child Blames Western Governments And Lame Stream Media For His Son's Death

"Every drop of blood that was shed in Syria is innocent because all Syrian people are innocents, our Army is innocent. ...Morals were lost and conscience died... journalists sold their conscience"