28 Jul 2019

Anti SJW Cringe - Vernaculis

DoctorRandomercam: I told him I was going to do this. I said it to his face. And I said it to his beard. He couldn't understand why I said it twice. Nor could I.

Male & Female Gaze: Following Perseus Against Horror Of Medusa

Andromeda was a ravishingly beautiful princess. Not surprisingly, her name in ancient Greek meant “ruler of men.” Beautiful women have ruled men through the male gaze. So misused and misunderstood in literary criticism of recent decades, the male gaze is a device like the face of Medusa. It’s meant to terrify men and turn them into stone-cold beings. With the help of gifts from gods, Perseus beheaded the hateful Medusa and turned her head into a weapon for good. With the support of medieval literature, men today deserve to be free to gaze as they wish, which isn’t the same as saying “I love you.”
In the ancient world, Medusa was even worse than an Amazon. The Amazons were women who hated men. Medusa was a Gorgon. They were women who hated everyone:
the human-hating Gorgons with snaky locks,
whom no mortal can gaze on and still have life.

"Plans Already Implemented": Russia Warns US Will Unleash 'Space Arms Race'

By Tyler Durden: Following Trump's ambitious multi-billion dollar 'space force' coming closer to fruition, especially after last month the Democratic-controlled House Armed Services Committee voted to give Trump his expensive program, though they want it called the “Space Corps,” Russia has warned of a new space arms race which could endanger humanity. - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday at the session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries, “We are concerned over US plans to deploy weapons in space that are already being implemented. This will lead to another qualitative stage of an arms race,” according to TASS.

Young Ahmad Mohammad Al-Qarra Shot Dead & Another 31 Kids & More Adults Maimed By The Zionist Jews On Friday

The Jews have slaughtered 207 Gentiles [Palestinians], mostly men, but also including 44 little children, toddlers and babies, a couple of women, 9 people with special needs, 4 medics and 2 journalists, in addition to maiming a further 13,323 Gentiles, including 2,742 little children and babies, 409 women, 221 medics and 207 journalists, since the Great Return March processions started on March 30 2018.
IAK: July 26, 2019: Ahmad Mohammad al-Qarra, 22, died from serious wounds he suffered earlier that day when Jewish death foces shot him during the Great Return March processions.
The Health Ministry said the young man, identified as Ahmad Mohammad al-Qarra, 22, was shot with a live round in his abdomen, suffering serious wounds, and died at a hospital in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza Strip concentration camp.
It added that the gentile [Palestinian] was shot east of the Khan Younis area of Gaza concentration camp and was treated by the medics who rushed him to the hospital but succumbed to his serious wounds.

Meet The Trillion-Dollar Tax-Haven-Whistleblower Who Was Exiled From His Homeland

"Look at where we are now. Rates of tax on capital have collapsed, inequality has gone through the roof and we’re now in a very dark place for democracy generally.”
By Tyler Durden: John Christensen was a government economist living on the beautiful island of Jersey, off England's southern coast, in a "hillside villa with views of France." But that lifestyle ended after he spoke out on a fraudulent currency trading scheme involving a UBS subsidiary in Jersey, according to Bloomberg.
Christensen had a head of dark hair when he helped to expose the Jersey currency scheme, which resulted in UBS’s Jersey unit and accounting firm Touche Ross & Co. -- now Deloitte -- paying almost $40 million to settle lawsuits. Regular bike rides keep Christensen as trim as two decades ago, but his hair has turned pearl white.
He said: “I was set. We had a pretty good lifestyle and plenty of friends.”

The Majority Of #MeToo Sex Predators Are Jewish - Mamet’s Bitter Wheat, #MeToo And The Role Of Jewish Parody

'You’ll want to see Mamet’s Bitter Wheat not because it is a great play, because it isn’t, but because it is a true window into the sophisticated and manipulative role of Jewish humour.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: David Mamet’s “Bitter Wheat”  tackles the contemporary saga of a Hollywood sex predator at the centre of #MeToo. Barney Fein, the protagonist of Mamet’s new play, refers to himself as a ‘fat kike.’ He is as monstrous and arrogant as anyone could possibly be. And in addition to his arrogance, his thievery of creative work and his contempt for the human race  he is also a disgusting sexual predator. As you have no doubt guessed, Barney Fein is a Harvey Weinstein-type character. No coincidence, Barney Fein rhymes nicely with Weinstein.

Sexodus + Feminist Sicko-Therapy