2 Aug 2019

Hell's Top Bankster Explains "How To Destroy The Global Economy"

"Some of the other stuff we’ve encouraged, such as The EU, ETFs, Hi-Frequency Trading, Neil Woodford and Deutsche Bank look likely to be highly effective vectors of short-term economic destruction and destabilisation..."
By Tyler Durden: Bill Blain’s new book, The Fifth Horseman – How to Destroy the Global Economy, has been attracting much comment. It’s a tongue-in-cheek polemical sideswipe at Central Bankers, Regulators and Politicians for the poor and mistaken policies that have fuelled the ongoing global financial crisis since 2017.
Blain’s book claims to be a hack of emails and documents exchanged between Hell’s top banker and his boss as they plan to extend the crisis they created in 2007 and make it worse... Here is an excerpt...

Palestine In Pictures: July 2019

Jewish Israeli occupation death forces IDF shot and killed another two Palestinians in Gaza concentration camp during the month of July.
Palestinians in the East Jerusalem concentration camp neighborhood of Issawiyeh confront Jewish Israeli occupation forces following the funeral of 20-year-old Muhammad Ubeid, shot and killed by Jewish Israeli death forces days earlier, on 1 July.Oren Ziv ActiveStills
The Electronic Intifada: Hamas freedom fighter Mahmoud al-Adham, 28, was killed in Beit Hanoun, in the north of the territory, on 11 July in what the Jews said was a “misidentification.” Jewish occupation death forces opened fire on al-Adham as he attempted to prevent two gentiles [Palestinians] from approaching the Gaza-Israel concentration camp boundary fence.
Ahmad Muhammad Abdallah al-Qarra, 23, died after being shot in the stomach during Great March of Return protests east of Khan Younis, southern Gaza concentration camp, on 26 July.

An Agreement To Screw You

johntheother: A deal in which you are bound to the terms, but the other party may change the terms - is a deal designed to abuse and exploit you. Anyone advising you to participate in such structure has bad intentions toward you, and should be cut off.

America’s Collapse: #2

America: An Economy Based on Plunder
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Capitalists have claimed responsibility for America’s past economic success.  Let’s begin by setting the record straight. American success had little to do with capitalism. This is not to say that the US would have had more success with something like Soviet central planning.
Prior to 1900 when the frontier was closed, America’s success was a multi-century long success based on the plunder of a pristine environment and abundant natural resources. Individuals and companies were capitalized simply by occupying the land and using the resources present.
As the population grew and resources were depleted, the per capita resource endowment declined.
America got a second wind from World War I, which devastated European powers and permitted the emergence of the US as a budding world power.  World War II finished off Europe and put economic and financial supremacy in Washington’s hands.  The US dollar seized the world reserve currency role from the British pound, enabling the US to pay its bills by printing money.  The world currency role of the dollar, more than nuclear weapons, has been the source of American power. Russia has equal or greater nuclear weapons power, but it is the dollar not the ruble that is the currency in which international payments are settled.

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