5 Aug 2019

Tulsi Gabbard: R.I.P.

'We are all at risk every minute of our lives because of the power, of which President Eisenhower warned us more than a half century ago to no avail, of the US military/security complex, an organized powerful force determined and able to destroy any American president who would threaten their budget and power by making peace.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: It is unfortunate that Tulsi Gabbard succumbed to the Israel Lobby.  The forces of the Empire saw it as a sign of weakness and have set about destroying her.
The ruling elite see Gabbard as a threat just as they saw Trump as a threat.  A threat is an attractive political candidate who questions the Empire’s agenda.  Trump questioned the hostility toward Russia orchestrated by the military/security complex.  Gabbard questions the Empire’s wars in the Middle East. This is questioning that encroaches on the agendas of the military/security complex and Israel Lobby.  If fear of Israel is what caused Gabbard to vote the AIPAC line on the bill forbidding criticism of Israel, she won’t be able to stick to her line against Washington’s aggression in the Middle East.  Israel is behind that aggression as it serves Israeli interests.

Will Persian Gulf 'Tanker War' Become a Shooting War?

'From the sound of things, the West is gearing up for a possible war with Iran; in reality, Jewish Israel is working from within the US government to bring the US into a war that Jewish Israel wants.'
By Dr. Ron Paul: The UK got a taste of its own medicine this week as Iran seized a British tanker, the Stena Impero, just two weeks after UK Royal Marines seized a tanker near Gibraltar carrying two million barrels of Iranian oil. As could be predicted, the US and UK media are reporting Iran’s seizure of the Stena Impero as if it were something out of the blue, pushing the war propaganda that “we” have been attacked and must retaliate.

Jewish Israel Regime’s Spies Are Stealing Your Data!

By Katherine Barnett: Jews continue to pursue questionable careers upon leaving the barbaric IDF Jewish Israeli death forces. 
Two cyber warfare and data collection companies that have recently been put under scrutiny were founded by graduates of the Israeli military’s Unit 8200, a high-tech spy branch responsible for the training of some of the country’s top technology experts and leading cyberwarfare efforts.
Israeli tech company Onavo, owned by Facebook, and Israeli cyber warfare company NSO Group were both founded by unit veterans.
This demonstrates how expertise developed in the unit can and has been used to create commercial tech platforms that put consumer security at risk.
What does the military unit do?
Unit 8200 is widely seen as the Jewish Israel terror regime’s even more bonkers version of the National Security Agency in the United States.

'Regime Change Begins At Home' - Venezuelan Presidential Palace

"We are here as citizens and also
as journalists to break the blockade
that our government has put, not only
on this government, but on relations between the American people and
the Venezuelan people."

Signs Go Up In London 'Please Don't Shit In The Streets'

Living the dream!

Tainted US Meat Market

'They are the Praetorian Guard
of Capitalist Imperialism that has abused the world with impunity for so long that
it believes it’s invincible.'
By Paul Edwards: The Democratic Livestock Sales signal the start of our Presidential election root canal with its pimps and whores money scramble, evoking the pathos of a 4H sale of prize hogs and heifers.  4-H stock is pure blue ribbon, though, which can’t be said of this sad herd of pampered bipeds, bawling and bellowing through their own live auction.
What if their number were an embarrassment of riches instead of an embarrassment?  What if there were a basis in the derelict Democratic Party for elevation of the most visionary, acute, and ethically, ecologically, economically rigorous and penetrating minds America could offer?

Deprogramming Women 00 & 01

HoneyBadgerRadio: Four years ago I created a series called “Threat Narratives.” The series starts with a woman named Sally. A woman who wants to tell a story about how her enemy Sue is not good. From that simple conflict, I expanded the idea of threat narratives outward explaining how civilizations rise and how they fall. After I completed the threat narrative series, I moved on to a podcast with Hannah Wallen, based in part on what I had come to understand by telling the story of Sally and Sue. A few months later, I expanded that podcast to include Karen Straughan and the three of us started a little radio show together.