7 Aug 2019

‘Eirself Or Emself’: The Bizarre Campus Pronoun Wars

A crystalline example of weird cultural
Marxist 'progressive' ideology
Authored by Daniel Payne: The campus pronoun wars are by now a familiar meme, but it is still worth reflecting on them simply because of how weird they are. A full culture has sprung up around alternative (i.e. made-up) pronouns:
Individuals who have decided that, contra the facts of nature, they are something other than male or female and have also decided that they must be called something other than “he” or “she.”
The proliferation of pronouns is something to behold: In some circles the number of pronouns run as high as at least eight.

Child Support Is Sexist, Outdated And Profit-Driven

By : I’ve been sitting on this piece for a while. Part of me has been tinkering with more research and data hunting to shore up my points. But another part of me has been procrastinating simply because I suspect deep down that there’s no amount of factual evidence (or lack thereof) which can sway the opinions of people who have married themselves to a dogmatic belief.
Such as the firm belief most people in America carry that child support payments from one parent to the other are necessary “for the benefit of the child”.
The truth is that I’ve already published some pretty investigative work on the subject of child support here in my own city of Grand Rapids, which has gone largely ignored—at least by my local media readers and Medium’s algorithms. People mostly only want facts to use as a hammer in social media arguments. Not to actually shape their opinions about reality.
So I’m going to try another track, and focus on what I determine to be the real heart of this issue: people’s beliefs, which are influenced by their emotions. And yeah, there’ll be facts and a reality check.

Iran’s Zarif Drives Trump To Insanity

Iran’s smart and articulate Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has been sanctioned by President Trump to silence the Iranian narrative in the US before the 2020 election.
Iran is winning the information war
and Trump is running scared.
Written by Melkulangara Bhadrakumar: At a time when the Trump administration has no problem negotiating with the secretary of the Russian national security council Nikolai Patrushev, who is technically under US sanctions since April 2018, the cut and thrust of Washington’s move to sanction Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif needs to be understood properly.

British Social Attitudes Survey 2019

By MRA-UK: Just a few gleanings from the latest British Social Attitudes Survey (2019 edition), the full report from which you can find here. It is interesting to see how the public responds to the various questions – but you should not expect logical consistency,
In the section “Women and Work” the question was asked, “How right or wrong do you think it is for men to be paid more than women in a large company where most of the senior jobs are done by men and most of the junior jobs are done by women?“.
The question is impossible to answer, as phrased, because to determine the fairness or unfairness of the situation described depends upon factors not specified. Consequently, people will respond according to how they arbitrarily fill-in this missing information with some assumption. The survey answers therefore measure the nature of respondents’ assumptions, rather than relating to the scenario itself. One might almost say that the question will elicit responses which measure how successfully people have been brainwashed to interpret the scenario in a particular way.

Sacredness Of Sex Highlighted In Guibert’s Medieval Metamorphoses

Sex generates descendants. In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic understanding, sex is not only good, but also sacred. Consistent with that understanding, the abbot Guibert of Nogent in his twelfth-century autobiography represented the sacredness of sex in bizarre metamorphoses.
According to Guibert, a monk at a famous monastery learned about some non-Christian medicine. He then became interested in the evil arts {malae artes} of the devil. In mentioning that the monk lived at a famous monastery, Guibert probably meant to signal that the monk’s motive was pride. Like Dr. Faustus centuries later, medieval monks sought to excel in learning. This monk probably sought to learn the evil arts of the devil in order to become more illustrious than renowned monks of his monastery.
The monk met with the devil. He requested of the devil to be made a fellow authority {auctor} in the devil’s learning {doctrinae}:

Concern For The Rights Of Palestinian Goyim And Shiksas Is “Crazy” Says Jewish Bibi The (Gentile) Baby Butcher

During a closed meeting that was inadvertently broadcast to journalists by an open microphone, Jewish Israeli Prime Minister Bibi The Baby Butcher blasted the European Union’s approach to Israel, which conditions high levels of trade on human rights for Palestinians, as “crazy.”
Benjamin Netanyahu is caught in a hot mic moment. 
By Robert Mackey: The Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu, was caught on tape on Wednesday urging four European leaders to help him undermine a provision of a European Union trade agreement that imposes an obligation on Israel to respect the rights of the millions of Palestinians it rules in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.
In private remarks to the leaders of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia that were accidentally broadcast to members of the Israeli media outside the room,