15 Aug 2019

A Bit Of A Giggle

'Clear proof that girls and women do indeed experience sexual lust and
a desire to have it satisfied'
By : I’ve always been confused by the mixed messages I have received on the subject of female sexuality. From an early age the standard observation was that women had very little interest in sex and even less interest in the naked male body.
Whereas we males react instantly to sexual stimuli in the form of naked or even semi naked women, females regard the penis as an object of amusement, something rather inconsequential other than for a laugh when having drinks with their friends.
'Dads and grandpas have a great time viewing the naked women as they play with their breasts so it’s clearly all a bit of a laugh!'

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Virtue-Signaling

The idea that everything will be solved if we borrow a couple more trillion and give it away is the dominant paradigm.
Authored by Charles Hugh Smith: Here in the decay phase of Imperial Pretensions, The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. It's a line from Yeats' poem The Second Coming, and it speaks to our current stumbling descent toward the abyss, where the worst invest their energies in virtue-signaling and the best retreat from the hopelessness of actually addressing our real-world problems.
The road to Hell is paved with virtue-signaling: rather than actually solve the knotty problems that are dragging us toward the abyss, we substitute self-righteousness for problem-solving. That is virtue-signaling in a nutshell.
Virtue-signaling goes hand in hand with the only "solution" that's politically correct: throw a borrowed trillion dollars at the "problem", dance the humba-humba around the bonfire at midnight and hope that magic will resolve the underlying issues.

Male Suicide: A Response To Misandric Feminist Louise Perry

By : Louise Perry has written a controversial article for Quillette titled, “Time to Stop Using Suicide for Political Point-Scoring.” Ms. Perry’s article is about Male suicide. Her conclusion is that men, and men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), are using the gender suicide gap as a means of scoring political points against feminists and feminism (as opposed to being a genuine effort solve the problem of the gender suicide gap). Ms. Perry implies that men are at fault for the gender suicide gap and male suicide. Her article is premised on almost every fiction and myth about male suicide that is currently in fashion among intersectional feminists (for example, gynocentric readings of data, the attribution of toxic masculinity, dismissals of misandrist affect). My article addresses those myths with some information about the realities of the gender suicide gap and realities about male suicide.
Let’s start with Ms. Perry’s assertion that men suicide at about twice the rate of women worldwide. That statistic understates the problem. The worldwide gender suicide gap is about 3.2 to 1, with male suicide more than women.