19 Aug 2019

Gynocentrism And The Value Of Men - Part Two

By : Please read part one1 of this article before continuing.
Bateman’s Principle, Male Competition And The Intrinsic Value Of Men
Bateman’s principle2 and male competition are sometimes considered to be indicative that men have little or no intrinsic value relative to women and must compete with other men to earn value. Bateman’s principle simply describes that there will be a greater variance in reproductive success among males, as a result of females being the rate limiting factor of reproduction and higher male intrasexual competition. There are a number of problems with the argument. Bateman’s principle and male competition mean that men are less valuable than women and must compete to earn any value.
Firstly this argument ignores the basic requirement to compete- An individual must have the traits to compete successfully and derive some measure of success from competing (that does not necessarily mean being at the very top). These traits have biological value because they lead to evolutionary success. Competition is merely a strategy employed to harness value that already lies within men.

Religiously Inspired Colonial Nationalism Needs Israel’s Wars

'War and violence are embedded in
Zionist ideology.'
War over Peace: One Hundred Years of Israel’s Militaristic Nationalism by Uri Ben-Eliezer, University of California Press (2019)
By Rod Such: War over Peace, by the Israeli sociologist Uri Ben-Eliezer, raises several questions about the nature of Israeli society, chief among them being: Why has Israel attempted to solve virtually every conflict it has encountered or engendered by military rather than diplomatic means?
His answer might briefly be summarized as follows: War and violence are embedded in Zionist ideology. Its core components – ethnonationalism and militarism – emanate from an imperative to dominate and control the “Land of Israel” exclusively, without granting Arabs political power.
This imperative cannot be seen simply from a political or economic standpoint but as an outgrowth of Zionism’s settler-colonialist culture. That culture, Ben-Eliezer concludes, relies increasingly on a religiously inspired form of colonial nationalism.

Feminists Removing Womens' Choices

The feminist project is
fundamentally anti-human. 
johntheother: Feminists finally publish their real goals. According to the world economic forum - Equality means Globalization, the removal of choice, and the transformation of all human activity into taxable wage labour. Sounds like dystopian sci-fi, but this is what they've actually published on the World Economic forum website.

Jewish Regime PM Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Banned Omar & Tlaib Because The Occupation Must Be Hidden To Survive

'They’ve never heard Palestinian parents explain the terror they feel when Jewish death Forces [IDF] come in the middle of the night to take their children to be interrogated, often for days, in the absence of a lawyer.'
By Peter Beinart: Most establishment American Jewish leaders think Israel’s decision to bar Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from visiting the West Bank was, in the words of The Democratic Majority for Israel, “unwise.”
Benjamin Netanyahu, the American Jewish Committee argued, should have realized that “visiting Israel is essential to gaining a better understanding of this… open, democratic society.”