26 Aug 2019

Why Do So Few MRAs Engage In Practical (Offline) Activism?

By : Near the end of my recent talk in Chicago I touched on the issue of the virtual invisibility of the men’s rights movement to the general public, and how I believe the degree to which the vast majority of MRAs and other anti-feminists who could engage in practical (offline) activism but don’t are largely responsible for that invisibility. I’ve highlighted the related paragraphs in this version of my talk transcript, on p.6, they consist of the following:
An increasingly important destroyer of feminism as a political force will be the men’s rights movement, the MRM, so I’m delighted to report from this conference that the MRM is not wavering in its longstanding opposition to feminism.

Dating Women Made Me Understand Men

Anna Akana: Since coming out as bisexual last year, I've been dating women! And though dating is its own special adventure already, oddly enough, one of my key takeaways from dating women has been that I understand men a bit more.

Paedophile Epstein: The Jewish Israeli Mossad Paedophile Maxwell Connection

'Inter-alia I accused Maxwell of being a thief, of stealing his own employee’s pension funds, of being an agent of the [Jewish] Israeli intelligence service Mossad'
By George Galloway: As Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice fellow Jewish paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell appears to have fallen off the face of the Earth, it’s little remembered in the lame stream media how I fought a long war against her father Robert and the part I played in his downfall.
It would be scarcely worth recalling at this distance if it did not shed light, or rather a cloud of suspicion, over Maxwell’s favourite child Ghislaine, now at the centre of a dark and fascinating story as bizarre as any which enveloped her late father.
I first met Robert Maxwell when he was an enormously powerful and fiercely intimidating media mogul in the early 1980s. It was in the green room of the BBC’s then flagship program Question Time, hosted by Sir Robin Day – then the doyen of BBC grandees.

Man Down! ~ Interview With Documentarian Vede Seeterram

GirlWritesWhat: I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Vede in Vancouver, when I spoke at the Students for Liberty Conference at Simon Fraser University in 2015. This documentary has been a years-long passion project for Vede, and it absolutely deserves our community's support.

Maybe, The Problem Is Actually Men

'Women are openly fucking with, and fucking over men in droves, pre and post divorce'
By : Is there anything more nauseating than sitting in a meeting watching the 90 IQ politician playing the “leader” role. Worse yet, listening to his yes men openly praising his brilliance, his very genius. The rest of the sheep in the room conforming on que with obligatory nodding and mutterings of agreement and praise. In contrast, the slightest tell on your face that you have just thrown up in your mouth will show him you are not a bitch and in his mind, earn you a slot on the future restructuring list or relegate you to 6 months of detention hall. One in ten will respect you for it but as probabilities go, you’ll likely as not go your entire career and see only a handful of real leaders. There is a reason the television series The Office was a massive success in both the UK and the US.
It’s the dominance hierarchy right? Fundamental to the creation of civilization and human progress. Or is every institution the extended shadow of one man?