30 Aug 2019

Jewish Israel Terror Regime Launches More Unprovoked Attacks On Neighbors: Uses Its Firepower, Far And Wide

The Jewish Israel terror regime has been launching unprovoked attacks using its military might within Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran despite ceasefire agreements. This heightened military aggressiveness has multiple extremely serious consequences, including damage
to the United States
By Paul R. Pillar: Israel recently has been expanding its military attacks across much of the Middle East, hitting multiple countries. The aggressive campaign far outpaces anything any adversaries of Israel have been doing to it, or even trying unsuccessfully to do to it.
Over the past two years Israel has used combat aircraft to conduct scores of attacks in Syria. Israel has stayed silent about most of this campaign of bombardment, but when it speaks it says the targets it hits are associated with Iran.

USA: Feminist Thought-Leader Claims Milking Cows Is The Same As Rape

Authored by Simon Black: Welcome to our Friday roll up, where we highlight the most interesting, absurd, and concerning stories we are following this week.

Local tax collector ruins children’s entrepreneurship event

Every summer, a Utah non-profit agency called the Libertas Institute holds an entrepreneurship event for children.
It’s a wonderful idea– children as young as 5 gather together in a marketplace to buy and sell products and services that they’ve created to one another.
And parents are strongly encouraged to step back and let their kids be in charge– advertise, negotiate, count money, and make the sale. So it really is children doing business with other children. Obviously no one is getting rich from this; the larger point is to start cultivating the desire within the next generation to build and grow their own companies.
The Libertas Institute held one such event at Spanish Fork, Utah a few weeks ago on August 7. And for the first time since they’ve been holding these, the local tax collectors showed up, demanding that the kids pay city sales tax on the day’s transactions.


GlobalFaction: J.Chambers returns with the new single “2:18” which features UK Reggae and Dancehall royalty the late 2Nice. Lyrically and sonically the song explores and embodies the Black British experience and juxtapositions.

Success: Illinois University Reverses Ban On Palestine Event

University officials quickly reversed their decision to block an event about justice in Palestine when they were reminded that such discrimination is illegal under the First Amendment.
“We’ve seen this happen again and again with Palestine-related events on campuses,” explained an attorney. “It’s critical for groups to stand up for their First Amendment rights in these situations.” 

Miko Peled, speaking at the University of Illinois-Chicago campus in Rockford IL, August 3, 2019
Via Palestine Legal blog: A community group in Rockford, Ill., that had been blocked from renting space for an event featuring Israeli-American activist and author Miko Peled successfully held their event on Saturday after Palestine Legal intervened.
In June, the Truth Squad of Rockford attempted to rent an auditorium at the University of Illinois Health Sciences Campus-Rockford for their August 3rd event.

Men's Rights Advocate Dave Chappelle

"If you can kill the baby, I can abandon him, my wallet my choice"

Billionaires, Bezos And The Real Big Brother

It’s a billionaire’s world and the biggest of them all is in the thick of it...
Authored by Eric Zuesse: Jeff Bezos is the owner of The Washington Post, which leads America’s news-media in their almost 100 percent support and promotion of neoconservatism, American imperialism and wars. This includes sanctions, coups, and military invasions against countries that America’s billionaires want to control but don’t yet control — such as Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya, and China. 
These are aggressive wars against countries which have never aggressed against the United States. They are not, at all, defensive, but the exact opposite.

How Long Before Danielle Ryan Is Assassinated?

'How can any person endowed with an IQ above 80 sit in front of TV media such as MSNBC, CNN, BBC, or read newspapers, especially the New York Times and Washington Post or listen to NPR? Only people who are mentally and emotionally weak...'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Danielle Ryan is an Irish journalist. A real one, not a presstitute. She says things that journalists nowhere in the Western world are any longer permitted to say. For example, Western journalism no longer is connected to factual reporting. It is simply used to get whoever the oligarchs want got.
Danielle notes that it is impossible to be a journalist today if you have any respect for facts, truth, and objectivity. Those are what get you fired. She is very gentle about it: