3 Sep 2019

Time’s Over

'Misandry is common and it’s only getting worse. No excuses anymore. Everyone should now be able to recognise it for what it is.'
By : We talk a lot about red pills, blue pills and even purple pills in these parts. Someone who has red pilled sees the world as it really is, with gynocentrism, male disposability and misandry everywhere you look. That red pill takes a long time to swallow and the process is unpleasant. But you don’t have to be red pilled to see misandry. Not anymore.
In the past I think people could be excused for not seeing the misandry in society. I really do. Yes, it was pretty obvious at times and if you just looked honestly at the way the world worked then it’d be there for all to see but I was still prepared to give them a pass. Not any more. Time’s up. Misandry is now so prevalent that anyone that denies it is being willfully ignorant or walking around with their eyes and minds closed.
Google Trends reveals interesting results concerning this topic. People are looking in to and talking about misandry.

Labour Scheme Would Force UK Landlords To Sell Homes To Renters At Below-Market Prices

By Tyler Durden: The UK's Labour government would consider a "right-to-buy" scheme to allow millions of renters in the UK to buy their rented homes for a "reasonable" price (aka way below market), according to The Independent, citing the shadow chancellor.
John McDonnell said he wanted to tackle the “burgeoning buy-to-let market” and problem landlords who do not maintain their properties.
The scheme, which could bring a day of reckoning for many of Britain’s 2.6 million landlords, is a twist on Margaret Thatcher’s policy of allowing council tenants to buy their homes in the 1980s – a move critics say helped cause the current housing crisis by drastically reducing the number of local authority properties. -The Independent

Losing Money In Every Single Asset Class

Max and Stacy discuss the synchronized markets causing pension fund managers to lose money in every single asset class. As trillions and trillions of freshly minted fiat money sloshes around the financial system looking for any return, Japan’s pension fund manager warns this time is different.

Feminism Decoded: Respect Mah Authoritah!

Yoah must raspact wammen. Or Else.