8 Sep 2019

Embassy Insider Exposes CNN Lies About Julian Assange

By Aaron Maté: A "bombshell" CNN report claimed to show how Wikileaks founder Julian Assange published stolen Democratic Party emails in 2016 in cooperation with the Russian government from his place of refuge in Ecuador's London embassy. Ecuadorian diplomat Fidel Narváez -- who served in the embassy throughout Assange's stay -- says that CNN's report was error-ridden and defamatory. “There are so many smears, speculations, and some false information in that report that somewhat somebody needs to set the record straight," Narváez says. "It is unbelievable how they twist every single thing in order to to defame Julian and Ecuador." Guest: Fidel Narváez, former Ecuadorian diplomat who served in Ecuador's London embassy for six of the seven years that Julian Assange lived there under asylum.

Gordon Thomas On The Jewish Robert Maxwell/Mossad Espionage Project In The USA, UK And Beyond

As time goes by it becomes very clear that Jewish Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was just the tip of a huge iceberg. America, the UK, France and beyond have been riddled and infiltrated by Jewish spies at the highest possible level for decades. You must listen to this interview with Gordon Thomas:
TruNews, host Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart examine the espionage connections throughout the family of Jewish Israel’s Jewish superspy, Robert 'my Jewish kids have your Goy & Shiksa pension money' Maxwell.

Waltharius To Aymeri: How To End Epic Violence Against Men

The tenth-century Latin epic Waltharius sings of brutal violence against men — of arms and legs separated from men’s bodies, cruel blows to men’s heads, and eyes and teeth lost. Tell me, how can horrific violence against men continue to our day with so little public concern? Does Fate destine men to be the gender brutalized without compassion under gynocentrism?
Hildegrund and her betrothed, the courageous warrior Walter of Aquitaine, were returning home. They carried much treasure. Gunther, King of the Franks, heard news of them passing through his territory. Gathering with him twelve strong, self-sacrificing men, King Gunther set out to seize Hildegrund and her treasure. Walter’s friend from childhood, Prince Hagen of the Franks, reluctantly accompanied his king. Hagen strove to dissuade King Gunther from attacking Walter.[1]

Women Are The New 'Special Needs'

"The latest example of state sponsored female privilege in the people's republic of Victoria
Independent Man: In the latest episode of female privilege the Victorian [Australia] police lower fitness standards and the UTS lowers entrance scores for female engineering students.

Future Is Female ~ Will The Real Willie Lynch Please Stand Up

If you want a vision of the future,
imagine a stiletto heal
stamping on a human face, forever.