15 Sep 2019

Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu’s Facebook Page Suspended Over Hate Speech

Israeli PM Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu got suspended from Facebook this week after a long string of racist statements. Facebook is apparently OK with 'baby butchery' ...as long as you're polite while you're doing it. Apparently, some critics have accused 'The Baby Butcher' of race-baiting ahead of the hotly contested elections, which are set to be held on September 17th. On Friday, Bibi made comments insinuating that his Jewish regime would launch an offencive on the besieged Gaza Strip mega-concentration camp for Gentiles “at any moment.”

I Can't Wait For The New Woke Batwoman Series

"The feminism is on another level in this show, ...but I have to say this looks so cringe inducing-ly bad, that it might be actually unintentionally hilarious, so much so that it might be entertaining to watch in a kind of ironic way. ...It's fixed when it's feminised. ...blatant feminist cringe dialogue. ...male versions of things need to be changed to female ones." CF.

Turkish Coast Guard Tormenting Jewish Lobby Refugees That Failed To Reach Greece

Thanks to the Jewish lobby's effectiveness in the UK, USA and beyond, a suspicious number of over 25,000 and steadily growing at an annual rate of about 5% ish as if linked to the stock market, high tech missiles and bombs of the wickedest varieties are dropped annually [mostly by the USA] exclusively on Semitic Arab nations by the apparently anti-Semitic Zio-poodles USA, UK, etc. This has inevitably lead to a stream of Semites [aka Arabs] fleeing our bombs and running into our arms for safety. European nations arms that is, not so much the far away USA and none at all are allowed in by the culprit Jewish Israel regime.
Here's a leaked video that makes clear the Turkish position regarding the refugees created by us for the owners of huge chunks of our tax money, our masters the Jews.
Video via Perseus999

Nuclear War With Russia "Winnable" Said Trump's Incoming Jewish Chicken Hawk

Questioning mutual assured destruction,” 
Charles Kupperman called nuclear conflictin large part
a physics problem.”
Authored by Mike Shedlock: Incoming National Security Advisor, Charles Kupperman, made the claim Nuclear War With USSR Was Winnable.
He made those statements in the 1980s. I do not know his views today, but let's review what he said then.
President Donald Trump’s acting national security adviser, former Reagan administration official Charles Kupperman, made an extraordinary and controversial claim in the early 1980s: nuclear conflict with the USSR was winnable and that “nuclear war is a destructive thing but still in large part a physics problem.”

Tom Woods On Krugman’s Hasbara Claim Zio-Shill Trump Trying To Establish “Authoritarian, White Nationalist Regime.”

Image: Trump & Bibi caught snogging.
PCR: We are supposed to believe that “white supremacy” is on the rise. I’m scanning the headlines, and cannot actually seem to find anyone advocating legal racial subordination, or separate facilities by race, or special benefits available only to whites and not to nonwhites.
The existence of affirmative action would appear to suggest something like the opposite. I don’t recall affirmative action in apartheid South Africa. The Donald Trump phenomenon is supposed to prove the existence of “white supremacy,” but Columbia University’s Musa al-Gharbi ran the numbers, and as he explained on episode #1159 of the Tom Woods Show. “racists” and “white supremacists” did not get Trump elected.
If “white supremacy” were truly gaining traction, the very accusation of being in favor of it wouldn’t destroy people’s careers and social standing, would it?

Hey Guys! The Word ‘Guys’ Is Problematic

"Someone somewhere is offended and if they're not they should be so we're going to get offended on their behalf!" Say feminists, reports Computing Forever.