20 Sep 2019

The Now-Inconceivable Joy Of Sex In Medieval Times

Sex in the age of mechanical reproduction commonly consists of robotic, minutely regulated affairs among persons earnestly trying to convince themselves that they’re alive. How many lovelorn persons desperately stroking their smartphones today even know what it means to have a roll in the hay? Why do they read a massively reproduced instruction book on the joy of sex? Fully alive, flesh-and-blood human beings acted differently in medieval times. Rather than faithfully believing in rape culture, medieval persons regarded sex as natural and pleasing.
Let the young man and virgin woman, both beautiful,
press against each other on the couch in the dark
and hug each other in turn repeatedly,
giving themselves many sweet embraces.

Can Nuclear War Be Avoided?

'Why are Americans and Jews more important than Russians and Syrians?'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: This is a repost from March 19, 2018, prompted by Washington’s insistence that Iran is responsible for the attack on the Saudi oil facility.  Even if it were true, what business is it of Washington?  Iran did not attack the US.  Why is it a matter of war for Americans if Iran were to attack Saudi Arabia.  Why this announcement: ” The Trump administration is weighing a range of options for a retaliatory action against Iran, including a cyberattack or physical strike on Iranian oil facilities or Revolutionary Guard assets, U.S. officials and others briefed on the deliberations told NBC News.”
Two factors are driving the world to nuclear war. One is the constant stream of insults, false accusations and broken agreements that the West has been dumping on Russia year after year. The other is Russia’s response, or, perhaps more correctly, the lack thereof.
Articles documenting Washington’s betrayals and provocations of Russia are available online and on my website. There is no point in repeating them here.
I have pointed out that the Russian government’s factual, diplomatic, and legal responses actually produce more provocations and insults.

Men Are Still Out There "And Won't Stand For This Nonsense Forever"

'This is at the center of Senator Warren’s strategy for winning the next election: to cadge all of the women’s vote and become the President of all the women of the United States.'
President Of The Selfies
Unlike the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t radiate contempt, loathing, and horror at the task of mingling with the hoi polloi. Rather, she has become famous for staging lengthy sessions after campaign speeches to pose for selfies with her fans. The selfie-seekers, you will notice, are all women. 
'The educated class of American women is earning a reputation for dishonesty and wickedness every bit as bad as the patriarchy they inveigh against.'

Alarming Levels Of Plastic Found In Children

"Our study clearly shows that plastic ingredients, which are rising in production, are also showing up more and more in the body."
By Tyler Durden: New studies are being published that detail high levels of dangerous microplastics had been detected in some of the most remote regions of the world. Another study warned microplastics are turning up in human stool. Now there are new reports that show high levels of microplastics have been found in blood and urine samples of children. 
The study, conducted by the German Environment Ministry and the Robert Koch Institute, found an alarming 97% of blood and urine samples from 2,500 children tested between 2014 and 2017 had traces of microplastics.

Gaza Concentration Camp Fights For Freedom v The Jews

This debut feature film by journalist Abby Martin began while reporting in Palestine, where she was denied entry into Gaza concentration camp by the neo-colonialist Jewish Israel regime on the accusation she was a “propagandist.” So Abby connected with a team of journalists in Gaza mega-concentration camp to produce the film through the blockad.
This collaboration shows you Gaza concentration camp’s protest movement like you’ve never seen before. Filmed during the height of the Great March Of Return protests, it features riveting exclusive footage of demonstrations.

China Slaps Britain: You Can’t Afford Hostility

'In short, London has to make a decision: does it want WAR, or PEACE
with China?'
By Finian Cunningham: China gave Britain a stern warning this week that any naval maneuvers conducted with the US near its declared territories in the South China Sea will be met with a military response.
Beijing rapped London further, telling it to dump its “colonial attitude” with regard to Hong Kong. However, the ultimate leverage, was the caustic reminder to Britain that if it wants to trade with China in the future, then it better mind its manners.
Given the deepening turmoil over Brexit and the uncertain economic prospects once Britain quits the European Union, the British government is going to need every trading opportunity around the world it can muster. Keeping on good terms with China, the globe’s second-biggest national economy, will therefore be crucial for Britain’s post-Brexit survival.
Since taking office in July, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been quick to talk up a future golden era of bilateral trade relations with Beijing.
'China’s ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming,
 warned London not do America’s “DIRTY WORK”'

Another Bombshell Book Crushing The Jewish Holohoax Lie ~ Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil

By the son of famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin - a review
With all of these truth bombs exploding
all over the place, these must be
very busy days for the ADL.
Have you ever asked yourself why the world won’t come to rest? Why your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had to die in wars that never should have occurred in the first place?
A book of monumental importance for the people of the world today.