1 Oct 2019

Christian Comedy: Epic Jesting With The Lord In The Waltharius

With the heavily armed Frankish men rapidly approaching, Walter of Aquitaine went to the entrance of the cave where his beloved-betrothed Hildegund had retreated. There he said:
Now before the entryway I speak a haughty boast:
none of the Franks returning from here will be able to say
to his wife that he has with impunity taken any of our great treasure.

{ Hac coram porta verbum modo iacto superbum:
Hinc nullus rediens uxori dicere Francus
Praesumet se impune gazae quid tollere tantae. } [1]
Epic heroes generically boast to their fellow warriors. Walter boasted to his betrothed, and his boast addressed the household matter of what other men would say to their wives. Is epic struggle ultimately about husbands seeking to win their wives’ admiration?

The Next Logical Steps In A Dangerous Journey To War

The Threat to Limit Capital Flows to China and Pending Impeachment Conflict: Next Logical Steps in a Classic Dangerous Journey? The 1935-45 Analogue
Authored by Ray Dalio: Regarding that classic dangerous journey, you have heard me describe it many times but, at the risk of boring you, I will repeat it. I believe that we are on a classic journey that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes but has happened many times before, most recently in the late 1930s. It is being driven by the same big forces that drove the dynamics in the late 1930s. In particular, now, like in the late 1930s and unlike any period since, these three big forces are converging. They are:
  1. The largest wealth and political gaps since the late 1930s exist, which is leading to the emergence of and conflicts between populists of the left and populists of the right.If history and logic are to be our guides, it seems reasonable to worry that the gaps between the rich and the poor and the populists of the left and the populists of the right will become more war-like and that the consequences of their fighting could undermine the efficient operation of the economy as well as the efficient running of government.

Three High Tech Saudi Brigades Annihilated In Devastating Bare Foot Houthi Offensive In Saudi Arabia

The third-biggest arms spender in the world is incapable of subjugating the poorest Arab country in the world.
By Federico Pieraccini: Many may have hitherto been led to believe that the Houthis were a ragtag armed force lacking in sophistication. Many, seeing the drone and missile attacks on Saudi oil plants, may have declared it to be a false-flag attack carried out by Riyadh to boost Aramco’s market value; either that or it was an operation carried out by Iran or even Israel. On Saturday September 28, the Houthis put paid to such speculation by confirming what many, like myself, have been writing for months; that is, that the asymmetrical tactics of the Houthis, combined with the conventional capabilities of the Yemeni army, are capable of bringing the Saudi kingdom of Mohammed Bin Salman to its knees.
'This is a triple checkmate for the Houthis against Riyadh.'

Neo-Colonialist Jewish Israel Regime And Its Western Vassals Do Not Have The Means To Counter Iranian Technology

Introduction by GA: The following is a translation of today’s  Israel’s News 12  headline article. The article explores the lessons delivered by the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities. Though I, like many other commentators, am not convinced that the attack had anything to do with Iran, the attack showed that Iran’s weaponry is likely superior to the West’s ability to mount an effective defence. 
Jewish writer Nir Dvori points out that the attack took place 650 km inside Saudi territory.  “It proved measured Power Utilization - Sending two types of weapons that achieved accurate hits.” It also demonstrated superb intelligence capability – “both in identifying and selecting targets and in selecting the attack route and the military.”  Apparently, neither the cruise missiles nor the drones were detected and no attempt was made to intercept them before the attack. Which really means that despite the Saudis’ multi- billion dollar investment in Western weaponry and air defense systems, their sky is far from protected.

Climate Alarmists Need To Chill

Julie Borowski: Yes, climate change is more complex. But the point is that
if excessive CO2 is a problem, we have or will soon have the technology to combat it. We can do that without reversing economic growth and keeping the third world poor.

Boris Johnson Gets #MeToo'd By Feminist

If you can't win on the issues, attack your opponent's character instead. - Easy peasy if you're female and he's male.

Feminism Has Ruined Women And Damaged Men

'Feminism, large scale third world immigration, and identity politics are destroying social cohesion throughout the Western world.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: My recent article, “No Motherhood, No People” resulted in some perceptive comments.  Here is one slightly edited comment:
“It’s sadly ironic that “feminism” has such disdain for femininity.  Our society now heaps the most praise on women when they exhibit traditionally male traits such as strength, independence and excellence in STEM occupations.  The woman who wants to marry and devote herself to being a good wife and mother, making home a safe and happy place to be, is ignored or disdained by the media.   
“It’s okay for a woman to be gorgeous and have lots of sex appeal as it’s another form of power, but to devote herself to her family and sacrifice for her children, is now considered embarrassingly old-fashioned.  It is universally understood that a happy childhood is the main key to creating happy, productive adults, but motherhood is being delegitimised.