8 Oct 2019

Viva Socialista + Honkler + Hipocrisy ~ William Banzai7

Velocity Of Money At All Time Low

"This is a very similar period of time to between the 1920s and 1945, people get angry and we split into fascists and communists and that's what's happening now." Said Stacy Herbert.
Booty Call Buddies Max and Stacy discuss the fact that house prices in Hong Kong and Paris reflect each other in having the biggest increase since the Global Financial Crisis in number of years required to afford.

Johnson Tells Merkel Brexit Deal "Essentially Impossible" As Talks Teeter On Brink Of Collapse

"At stake is the future of Europe and the UK as well as the security and interests of our people."
By Tyler Durden: Sorry, Goldman. But it's truly starting to look like a new Brexit deal between the UK and Brussels might be out of reach.
According to Bloomberg and several local media reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a "very difficult" call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday morning.
Merkel reportedly insisted that the EU27 would never agree to a Brexit deal that didn't include a backstop arrangement that would keep Northern Ireland in the customs union.
Johnson told German Chancellor Angela Merkel a Brexit deal is essentially impossible if the EU demands Northern Ireland should stay in the bloc’s customs union. An irritated Johnson reportedly replied that if this was non-negotiable, then a deal would be "effectively impossible." Around this time, a senior official in Johnson's government texted reporters to let them know that his government was preparing for talks to collapse.

Watch Paralyzed Man Walk Thanks To Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton Suit

...his latest robotic walk was like being "the first man on the moon."
T Durden: A paralyzed man has spent nearly two years testing a mind-controlled robotic suit. Now French researchers, who are responsible for building the exoskeleton, have published a new report documenting the proof-of-concept demonstration.

It’s A Pink World

'It’s always been girls are for girls
and boys are for girls too
...if they know what is good for them.'
By : My wife (Maggie) was watching tv the other evening and an advertisement promoting an upcoming female version of the Full Monty (a strip show) was being promoted in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.
I shrugged it off, perhaps a little numb to the endless drive to help and protect our women and girls while men and boys remain mostly invisible.
Maggie was the one who got riled up. She turned and said:
“Why couldn’t women decide to raise awareness of a male disease and raise funds for men? Just once! “
A few weeks earlier a group of celebrity men stripped naked to raise awareness of prostate cancer and men’s health.
What irked Maggie was the fact that women had to immediately jump on the wagon and do the same,

“Friday Of 78 Children” - Gaza Mega-Concentration Camp

Alaa Nizar Ayesh Hamdan, Gentile, 28, was killed by Jewish Green Shirts 'IDF' Israeli Death Forces in Abu Safiyya area, East of Jabalia section, in the northern part of Gaza Mega-Concentration Camp for the indigenous Gentiles, near 'The Apartheid Wall' during the Great March of Return Friday of 78 Childrenprotest march after the Jews attacked non-violent Gentile protesters in different parts of the coastal region of the Mega-Concentration Camp, maiming 57, including 18 who were shot with live ammunition.
The Gentile protest organizers called this Friday’s March of Return the Friday of 78 Children, in honor of the 78 children killed by the land grubbing neo-colonialist supremacist Jews so far since the weekly protest marches began in March of 2018.

Philip Davies MP's Speech, Domestic Abuse Bill, Second Reading

Vid: The Glass Blind Spot
MB: The second reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill (2017-19) took place a few days ago, 2 October, the final day of the annual Conservative party conference in Manchester – the day of Boris Johnson’s speech – when most Conservative MPs were still at the conference. Maybe the day was chosen because most of the criticisms of the bill could be expected to come from Conservative MPs. The indefatigable Philip Davies MP, however, was there.