10 Oct 2019

"Only Men Can Be Drafted! Women Should Sit Down"

Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain, talks about the massive explosion of rage and irrationality about his comment that
women, who cannot be drafted, should sit down when starting a war is being discussed.

Is America in Its Final Days? Will America Be Here Next Year, Next Decade?

Will the American People Rise Against Adam Shit, the Bitch Pelosi, and the Nadler Turd and Save their Country from Ruin, or will the American People Submit to The Rule By Lies?  What Confidence Can We Have in the American People?
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Many people regard Matt Tabbi as a leftish as he writes for the sometimes foolish Rolling Stone magazine. I regard Tabbi as a vicious truth-teller, who, leftwing or not, has intgegrity and intelligence far above the Identity Politics American left who are not even worth wiping your ass with. 
Tabbi’s truthful account below tells you that the Democrats are incapable of speakling any truth, and so is the whore American media that services the Democrats and the Deep State.  The Democrats are serial liars. They are destroying the fragile political stability of the United States.  A country–whose unity has been destroyed by Identity Politics, whose middle class jobs have been offshored to Asia by corrupt American corporations kowtowing to corrupt Wall Street, a country whose media on which the Founding Fathers relied to protect American liberty from a rapacious State is the complete and total whore of the oligarchs who control the explanations and the agendas–is no longer a country, no longer a people. Overun by immigration, America is a Tower of Babel.

White Man Gets Fired Because Jewish ADL Is Anti-White

The Jewish group known as ADL are
an anti-white, hate group
and should be treated as such!

The Texas, USA Death Penalty Only Applies To Non-Jews - It Doesn't Apply To The Jews

Should anyone convicted in such a trial be entitled to a new trial? Or is a new trial to be granted only to Jews? Is it now the rule that discrimination is a problem only against an ethnicity that has a powerful voice in government? Do the 100 Jewish lawyers who signed the brief regularly sign such briefs for those they call 'Goyim & Shiksa' defendants?
By Eve Mykytyn: The New York Times recently ran a story entitled “Texas Stays Execution of Jewish Man After Judge is Accused of Anti Semitism.”  The headline and the story imply that Randy Halprin, was, although possibly guilty, the victim of anti Semitism. - Let’s look at the story a little more carefully. (To the extent this is a disclaimer of bias, I am generally opposed to capital punishment and have wasted much time unsuccessfully working to keep the state from killing convicted criminals.)

Syria: Turkey Invades Again

By Moon of Alabama: So it begins:
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that a Turkish military operation into Syria has started. Erdogan said on his official Twitter account Wednesday that the operation, named “Peace Spring,” has begun. He said the operation aims to eradicate “the threat of terror” against Turkey.
Earlier, Turkish television reports said Turkish jets had bombed Syrian Kurdish positions across the border from Turkey.
The plan is as we anticipated. A major goal is to interrupt the M4 highway that runs parallel to the border and allows for troop movements between the east and the west of the Kurdish majority areas. The highway is about 20-30 kilometers from the border. The sector Turkey attacks right now has only a minority of Kurdish people amongst a majority of Arabs.
Ragıp Soylu @ragipsoylu - 11:34 UTC · Oct 8, 2019
How will Turkey conduct the operation in Syria?
• First phase: 120km area between Tal Abyad/Rasulayn, where US troops withdrew
• Airforce, drones/jets and howitzers will pound YPG targets

Jewish Mossad Paedophile Agents Maxwell & Epstein's Blackmail Honey Pot Co-Conspirators Named By Accuser

Jewish Mossad Dynamic Paedophile Duo Maxwell & Epstein's 'Gentile Kiddies For fiddling' Scout Ready To Spill The Beans
On Paedophile Co-Conspirators
By Tyler Durden: Jeffrey Epstein accuser Jennifer Araroz filed an amended complaint Tuesday which names two accomplices in the convicted paedophile's alleged sex-trafficking operation along with more than 20 corporate entities, according to CNN.
While Epstein's alleged 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell has been accused of actively participating in Epstein's sex crimes, the new complaint asserts that "secretary" Lesley Groff and former executive assistant Cimberly Espinosa "participated with and assisted Epstein in maintaining and protecting his sex trafficking ring, ensuring that approximately three Gentile girls a day were made available to him for the Jewish Mossad paedophile's sexual pleasure."
"The co-conspirators provided organizational support to Epstein's sex trafficking ring, identifying and hiring the recruiters of underage girls for Epstein's sexual pleasure, scheduling appointments with these underage girls for Jewish Mossad paedophile Epstein's sexual pleasure,