11 Oct 2019

Why Ugly Fat Women Always Turn To Feminism

Terrence Popp
Guess what, baby: You were never pretty and it's not our fault. So stop blaming men for it and change your life.

Are You Ready To Die?

Washington’s Provocations of Russia and Russia’s Passivity Are Scheduling
The Death Of The Earth
By Paul Craig Roberts: The Jewish Zionist Neo-Con-Artists who run US foreign policy are now herding the US out of the remaining arms limitations agreements. It appears that Washington intends to withdraw from the Open Skies agreement with Russia.  https://www.vox.com/2019/10/9/20906509/open-skies-treaty-trump-russia-cheat 
The Open Skies Treaty allowed the US and Russia to overfly each other’s territory in order that there could be mutual assurance that one country or the other wasn’t building up forces for attack.  If Washington withdraws from the treaty, which seems in the cards, tensions and uncertainties between the two major nuclear powers will increase.  In no way is this a good thing. 
The American military/security complex wants the tensions to increase, because this makes the orchestrated “Russian Threat” even larger and leads to a larger budget and more profits and power for the US military/security complex.  The military/security complex about which President Eisenhower warned us, to no effect, has been highly successful in dismantling the arms control agreements made between past US and Russian leaders. This has raised the profits of the US military/security complex at the expense of the security of the world.

The Truth About The Feminist SJW Extinction Rebellion

Paul Joseph Watson
Burning Man on Thames.

Legitimate Government?

Larken Rose: My response to a poor, misguided soul arguing that there can be such a thing as a legitimate "protector government" that only DEFENDS individual rights.

Experts Say "Experts Say" Headlines Are Propaganda

Experts say don't believe news headlines that start with "Experts say." And, in this case, the expert is me.

Huge Anti-Cultural Marxist Backlash - Feminist Swedish Govt. Backs Down From Abolishing Ancient History Classes

The Swedish Board of Education has backed down from a plan to erase teaching of the country’s ancient history and replace it with “postmodernism” and 'Jewish history' classes after a huge anti-cultural Marxist backlash.

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson: Skolverket initially announced a plan to abolish teaching of history prior to 1700, including ancient Greece, the Swedish Great Power era in the 17th century, Rome, and the dark ages.
The classes were set to be replaced by a greater focus on “postmodernism” and the post war 20th century era.
However, not only have we never been in a post war era, but the board was forced to back down after acknowledging there was “a lack of support for our [cultural Marxist] suggestion.”
The original proposal was widely denounced, including by Professor of History Dick Harrison, who labeled the idea “intellectual suicide and fucking sick.”
One wonders what kind of state a country is in that it would try to abolish teaching of its own history.