14 Oct 2019

What We Need Is A Holocaust For The American Zio-Media

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: As I have told you so many times, the entirety of the American media—print, TV, NPR, most of the Internet, consists of people devoid of all integrity, of all respect for facts and truth, of people who are the scum of the earth. I have given you examples of the lying satanic shit of which the American media consists.  Here is another example below.  This one is so amazing that the lying anti-American scum of which ABC is comprised had to apologize. Don’t accept their apology. Demand that their broadcast license be pulled.  How can even insouciant Americans tolerate such lies?
ABC apologises for spinning the fake news that Kentucky gun range video was Turkish bombing of Syria

Hollywood & The Entirety Of The Cultural Marxist Jewish Lobby Owned US Lame Stream Media Should Be Exiled

But what other country is stupid enough to
take them?
By Graham Dockery: Who’s really clamoring to see a black, transgender fairy godmother on cinema screens? Certainly the liberal media. But do audiences really care for woke remakes of childhood classics?
Is there any phrase more guaranteed to ruin a sweet childhood memory than “a modern re-imagining of…”? Especially when ‘modern’ means ‘sanitized’ and ‘injected with pointless social-justice twaddle.’
Enter the black, transgender fairy godmother. According to Hollywood Reporter, Emmy-award winning actor Billy Porter will play the role in Sony Pictures’ upcoming remake of the 1950 Disney classic, alongside Cuban-American actress Camila Cabello as the titular princess. Billy Porter, for the uninitiated, is a gay man.
So commonplace is the woke makeover these days that the news was greeted with nothing but syrupy enthusiasm from the media. “Billy Porter Should Absolutely Be Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother,” gushed Vanity Fair, to the deafening squeals of a hundred “Yass Kween”s in the comments section.

The Truth About Google Images + Dangerous Identity Politics

Independent Man: Douglas Murray talks about the social engineering of google search results.

Men Must Do Anything For Women: Arnaut Daniel’s Medieval Protest

In early thirteenth-century France, Raimon Berenguier IV, the Count of Provence, described a hundred women in a desperate situation:
Friend Sir Arnaut, a hundred ladies of rank
go overseas and halfway to the Holy Land,
they are unable to complete their voyage
nor return home directly by any means
but through you, by this condition:
you let out a fart generating such wind
that the ladies will come to be saved.
Will you do it, or not? I would like to know.

{ Amics N’Arnauz, cent domnas de parage
van outramar e son a meça via,
e non podon acomplir lor viage
n’endrez tornar per nuilla ren qe sia
se per vos non, qe es per tal coven
c’un pez fassaz de qe·s movan tal ven
que las domnas vadan a salvamen.
Farez l’o non? Q’eu saber lo volria. } [1]

GamerGate Set The Gold Standard For MeToo Accusations

The C.O.C.K. Fairy: While Ronan Farrow (aka Smug Bastard) tries to glorify himself as a MeToo champion, the true gold standard for credible complainants actually started with Eron Gjoni in 2014. So why is GamerGate demonized while MeToo is hailed as an accomplishment? Answer: Smug bastards.

If Impeach-Gate Fails, Elites Will Crash Economy To Get Rid Of Trump

"It’s so transparent. If the American people fall for this, they will go down in history as the most utterly stupid people who have ever walked the earth, and they will deserve the consequences. It will be the end of America.”
Greg Hunter with economic expert and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts who asks, “Where is William Barr? We already know Russia-gate, the Steel Dossier, the deception of the FISA Court, we know all of these were felonies. Indeed, I consider it treason, and there is nothing? There is no action? Nothing, and that’s the most amazing thing to me when every legitimate whistleblower has been destroyed.

How To Destroy A Man

"Too many men remain powerless and simply were stripped from all they loved and what was dear to them. This is how I learnt how the western world is swiftly changing into a society in which men are stripped from their human rights and how a small but determined group of women are making it happen." Said Ava Brighton.

How Israel Terror Regime’s Jewish Doctors Enable Shin Bet’s Anti-Indigenous Semitic Gentiles Torture Industry

From approving brutal interrogation techniques to writing false medical reports, Jewish doctors of the Israel terror regime have taken an active role in the torture of Gentiles…

How Israeli doctors enable the Shin Bet’s torture industryIllustrative photo of a neo-colonialist Jewish terrorist 'Green Shirt' blindfolding an indigenous Mega-Concentration Camp Gentile prisoner for the crime of not being Jewish. (Nati Shohat/Flash90)
Dr. Ruchama Marton: If the Shin Bet runs a school for its agents and interrogators, the curriculum most certainly includes a class on how to tell a lie. The texts taught, it seems, do not change with the years. In 1993, responding to accusations that the Shin Bet brutally tortured Palestinian detainee Hassan Zubeidi, then Commander of the IDF Northern Command Yossi Peled told Israeli journalist Gabi Nitzan that “there is no torture in Israel. I served for 30 years in the IDF and I know what I am talking about.”