23 Oct 2019

Feminist British Justice Goes Full 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence' Kangaroo Court Retard During Assange Show Trial

Callous UK deep state henchwoman, the magistrate Vanessa 'The Misandrist' Baraitser, who was actually heard making witch like cackling noises in court, was not just prepared but eager to be a part of this bloodsport.
 ...The question of why a man who, by the very charges against him, was acknowledged to be highly intelligent and competent, had been reduced by the state to somebody incapable of following court proceedings, gave her
not a millisecond of concern.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: I never thought that the English would abandon their concept of law as a shield of the people’s civil liberty. But they have.  The English justice system serves as an appendage of the American Police State.  Neither the US nor the UK can any longer lay claim to being democracies goverened by law.

95% Of US Congress Is OK With Israel’s Torture Of Gentile Children, The Apartheid Wall And Mega-Concentration Camps

Gentile children are regularly beaten, tortured and imprisoned by the Jewish apartheid Israel regime. Congress member Betty McCollum has introduced a bill to stop U.S. tax dollars from funding this, but so far only 22 Congress members have co-sponsored it. (None of the Democratic presidential candidates currently in Congress have introduced or signed onto the legislation. ...Not even Tulsi Gabbard,)

By Kathryn Shihadah: People who believe in protecting children need to make their wishes known – go here to contact your member of Congress.
Image: No Way To Treat a Child is a bill before the House with the simple objective of protecting Gentile children from being tortured in Jewish prisons.
'When otherwise enlightened, compassionate people refuse to address the suffering of Palestinians, they relegate this group – who have endured 70+ years of dispossession, 50+ years of illegal occupation, and 12+ years of illegal blockade – to more of the same.'