9 Nov 2019

The Arabic Scarf / Al Kufiyyeh Arabeyyeh ~ Shadia & M1

Shadia Mansor:
Good morning cousins (means Jewish Israelis) Welcome. come in What would you like us to serve you: Arabic blood or maybe tears from our eyes? (our sobbing- our tears) I think this is how they thought we will welcome them this is how they were shocked when they realised their mistake This is how we wear our scarf, the black and white one wearing it maybe trendy now, (wearing it has become a trend now among dogs) But No Mater how creative they become No mater how much they change its colour The Arabic scarf will remain Arabic The want to take away from us land, our culture, our dignity and everything that we own. No we won't let them do that,

EpsteinGate: Jewish Media Running Cover For Jewish Paedophile Networks All Over US, Europe And Beyond

MP Geoffrey Dickens subsequently provided a list of Jewish paedophiles to Margaret Thatcher's Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, a Jew. The list then mysteriously disappeared.
By Eric Striker: A number of Jewish-led media networks are working together to hunt down the whistleblower who provided a damning tape featuring ABC News anchor Amy Robach admitting to a conspiracy covering up the Jeffrey Epstein VIP pedophile ring. The video, which currently has 2.3 million views on Youtube, has enraged the public and further discredited the US oligarch-controlled media. 
The pressure doesn't seem to be getting to ABC's Jewish president, James Goldston, whose company released an official statement claiming that the Epstein story did not have sufficient "corroborating evidence" and was not news worthy.

Australian University Acts Against Feminist Protestors

These feminist students and others like them have been attacking free speech on campus for years and no one has gone after them before Bettina.
By : Great news. The University of Sydney has announced disciplinary action against four of the organisers of the violent protest against me last year. After years of tolerating thuggish behaviour from students shutting down free speech on campus, the lily-livered University has finally bit the bullet and sent a warning that such harassment is unacceptable. 

Last September I made a formal complaint to the University after my protest, when the riot squad was called in to remove rowdy activists preventing me from speaking on the fake rape crisis. I named key organisers of the protest and asked for action to be taken over breaches to codes of conduct and bullying and harassment regulations.

Swedish Government Grants $175,000 To Fund Drag Queen Shows For Children

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson: The Swedish government will hand out the equivalent of $175,000 dollars from the inheritance money of dead Swedes without heirs to fund drag queen shows for children.
You just can’t stop progress! 
The Public Inheritance Fund, a state body that manages the money, will give the cash to ‘Kulturföreningen Mums’ in Stockholm, which will use it to organize transvestite and transgender events where fairytales are read to children.
The project will, together with children, young people and adults with disabilities, develop available normative creative fairy tales in the form of drag shows. Together with the target group and several organizations, the established business Among dragons and drag queens will create new fairy tales that reflect the target group,” writes the General Heritage Foundation.
The funds will be used to promote projects “based on the needs and wishes of the target group” which includes “drag show workshops” based around drag queens reading books to children in libraries.

The Parasite AKA 'Greatest Ally' Sells US/UK Secrets

Ryan Dawson:
The Parasite, How the Jewish Israel regime sells US Tech to America’s Enemies