12 Nov 2019

Dissecting Identity Politics: Gilad Atzmon With Angelo John Gage

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: We dissected the disastrous impact of identity politics, the meaning of Zionism, Israeliness, and Jewish culture, we covered many topics such as historicity, the Holohoax, White Nationalism and more. It was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy watching us.
Angelo John Gage: Tonight's we have world renowned jazz musician, author, and political activist Gilad Aztmon joining us to dissect and examine identity politics. We will focus mainly on the Jewish Identity which he has been a huge critic of. This will naturally segue into Zionism, Israel, and other relevant topics.

"Just Don't Talk About Jewish Mossad's Paedophile Island!"

Steven Crowder runs through calling for Trump's impeachment (for three years!) and the reason the Jones Plantation won't give it up.

(Shadow) Banned & Demonetized - Just A Message In Between

Ava Brighton:
 Everyone just loves Aurelia Vera and her not-so-hidden agenda, right?

Gender Studies - It's One Way To Get Screwed

"This is how they fuck young people these days. ...There's loads of ways in which women get fucked over in the world, right, especially out of money, one of them is a gender studies degree."
Says Alistair Williams.

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Billions

Max and Stacy discuss the crybabies on Wall Street begging for billions and living in constant fear while the rest of the economy continues to live and thrive in the real world without non-stop free money. The tale of these two economies are one where money velocity is zero for the top 1% with their over $30 trillion in wealth, at least $4.7 trillion of it sitting there as dead money in zero percent bank accounts. In the second half, Max continues his conversation with Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com about repo markets, 'balsamic smiles,' China’s gold buying and Mark Carney’s recent suggest that an IMF-backed synthetic cryptocurrency should replace the US dollar as a unit of account for global trade.