19 Nov 2019

Roll On Through

Saint Paul with Modulation, Boy Nash, & Searcher

No Jews In Israel Knew They Were Ethnically Cleansing Little Gentile Children And Babies And They Didn't Care

It was another Jewish massacre of Gentiles. No one will be punished for it.

By Gideon Levy: The bomber pilot didn’t know. His commanders who gave him the orders also didn’t know. The defense minister and the commander in chief didn’t know. Nor did the commander of the air force. The intelligence officers who aimed at the target didn’t know. The army spokesman who lied without a qualm also didn’t know.

The Birth Of Feminism At Seneca Falls New York, 1848


How Thomas Oaster Started International Men’s Day – And How Misandric Feminists Tried To Stop Him

This article is about how one gutsy MHRA started International Men’s Day despite feminist attempts to shut him down.
His name was Thomas Oaster.
By : Thomas Oaster was an articulate and passionate men’s human rights advocate. He was prolific in his work with men’s groups, men’s issues, and political advocacy both on and off campus where he taught. He had many fine MHRAs around him, men and women who helped to improve the lot of males, but what of the man himself?  Who was he really, and what is the unknown story of how he inaugurated the first International Men’s Day?  The following will be about Thomas Oaster and how he put IMD on the map for all who choose to celebrate the event into the distant future.

MRA-UK's Talk At Messages For Men 2019

MRA-UK: Feminism.
Feminism is just about equality of the sexes.
Feminism really is just about equality – as long as you understand that the word “equality” no longer means what it used to mean.
To those not well versed in the manner in which policy narratives have changed in the last dozen years, prepare yourselves for the radical revision of the meaning of the word “equality” which is now politically and judicially established.

Abortion Is A Men’s Issue

By : Yesterday I gave a talk at the third Messages 4 Men conference in London, the transcript takes up the remainder of this blog piece:
Good evening. I’d like to draw on our last general election manifesto on the issue of abortion, particularly relating to the situation in the UK. Elective abortions are permissible in the UK up to 24 weeks after conception. When the 1967 Abortion Act was passed, 24-week-old foetuses were not viable, but with the passage of time and the advance of medical technology, they increasingly are viable. In the same hospital today, one medical team could be fighting to save the life of a 24-week-old foetus, while another medical team is killing a foetus of the same age.
There comes a point at which the basic right to life of an unborn child overrides the right of a woman over her body. One person’s rights end where another person’s rights begin. In an age when contraception has long been readily available and highly reliable, women should be held morally accountable for the children they conceive. We believe there’s a point in pregnancy when society – and the law – needs to recognize the right of the unborn child to life.
When the Abortion Act (1967) was passed, the British public was assured it wouldn’t lead to abortion on demand. That assurance has, predictably, proved hollow. Abortion on demand has been freely available in the UK for over half a century.