28 Nov 2019

Children In Custody: It’s A Gender Issue

'7 million children in various types of custody, including police cells, prison, and detention centres. 94% of them are boys.'
By MRA-UK: The United Nations has just published a major study on children in custody worldwide. My thanks to the ever-energetic Douglas for alerting me to this UN study. The main report, by Manfred Nowak, is 758 page long. It identifies 7 million children in various types of custody, including police cells, prison, and detention centres. 94% of them are boys.
The panel which led the study consisted of 170 non-governmental organizations working directly or indirectly on children’s deprivation of liberty. Information was collected from every region of the world: 41 inputs from Europe; 27 from Africa; 20 from Asia, 19 from North and South America; and 11 from Oceania.

WASPIs And Votes

'This illustrates graphically how fraudulent is the WASPI claim to be based on “equality”. It is actually inspired by “women’s equality”, which surely by now we all know is actually code for preferencing.'
By MRA-UK: I’ll scream and scream ‘til I’m sick!”, quoth Violet Elizabeth, William Brown’s tiny nemesis. It seems that strategy for getting one’s own way is still favoured in some quarters.
Parity’s last News Briefing reported on the failure of the “Back to 6o” campaign’s judicial review. This group of women had sought redress for what they claimed was unfair treatment in the raising of the State Pension Age (SPA) for women from 60 towards equalisation with men. The WASPIs (Women Against State Pension Inequality) are a similar group campaigning for compensation to be given to women born in the 1950s. The exact arguments and objectives of the WASPIs have morphed over time (see Coppola’s The WASPI campaign’s unreasonable demand). The latest incarnation of their claim centres around inadequate warning given to these “1950s women” about the SPA increases.

The Problem Of Wikipedia

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Over the course of my life I have watched integrity shrivel up and die everywhere in the Western world. It is not like it was ever really abundant, but there was a goodly amount of it, and it had authority. People, especially those in public life, weren’t shameless as they are today.
In the past decade I have watched the disappearance of free speech. An independent media disappeared in the last year of the Clinton regime when 6 mega-corporations were permitted to concentrate 90% of the media into their hands. Today free speech protected in the US Constitution is not valued as highly as the “feelings” of self-described “victim groups” who are offended by everything from truthful statements to traditional figures of speech. Even scientific discussion of the genetic basis of intelligence gives “offense” as does the use of gender-specific pronouns such as he and she.
Obviously false statements can be self-declared as true as when a biological male declares himself female and competes in women’s sports. Those who object to the obvious charade are declared “transphobic” and have to apologize. Sometimes they are fired for insisting on biological fact.
Exercising press freedom, as Julian Assange did, today brings charges of espionage and is misrepresented as a threat to national security. The media speak with the same voice, and it is the voice that serves the ruling elites. Truth is nowhere in the picture. The only purpose of the media today is to control the explanations for the elites. The media throughout the Western world is merely a Ministry of Propaganda.

The UK's Chief Jewish Witch Doctor And The Rest Of The Nation - Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon On Richie Allen Show

"It's all in the open, but we can't talk about it."
GA: The UK's chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has claimed "a new poison - sanctioned from the very top - has taken root" in the Labour party. In an astonishing personal attack in the Jewish owned Times, the Rabbi said that Jeremy Corbyn was unfit to lead the country. Jazz artist, author and geopolitical analyst Gilad Atzmon joins Richie Allen to discuss the above (21 min, 18 sec).

Bribery In The Jewish Israel Apartheid Terror Regime

Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: This is probably the best televised expose of corruption in the Jewish Israel regime. At the moment Jewish Israel’s longest-serving leader is indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu becomes first sitting prime minister in Jewish Israel’s history to be charged with bribery. This episode goes into detail on bribery charges against Jewish Israel regime officials.

Jewish Privilege: Judge Hands Down 4 Years For Brawling With Soros' Antifa ~ Pedophile Jewish Rabbi Gets Only 1

By Eric Striker: Last month, two members of the New York chapter of the Proud Boys, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were sentenced for four years in prison related to a brawl last year near the Metropolitian Republican Club.
The men went to the venue to attend a comedy show by Gavin McInnes. When the event was over, masked anarchists ambushed them around a street corner, but the Proud Boys won the fight.
Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman
The NYPD did not arrest any of them on the night of the incident, as there were no victims or serious injuries. It was only after a social media campaign using footage from misleading angles taken by left-wing political activists Shay Horse (who is currently suing the police in Washington DC for arresting him during rallies at Trump’s inauguration) and Sandi Bachom that other activists in the media and New York political establishment ordered the police to act.
It’s hard to argue that men sneaking around in the shadows wearing baraclavas and refusing to talk to the police are “victims,” but the prosecutor Joshua Steinglass argued just that. In an almost unprecedented mockery of American justice, defendants Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were not able to face their accusers as nobody was accusing them other than anonymous tweets from “NYC Antifa”, nor did the anarchist “victims” testify against them.