1 Dec 2019

Visiting Britain’s Political Prisoner

'A sense of violent satisfaction hung in the stale air.'
By John Pilger: I set out at dawn. Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh is in the flat hinterland of south east London, a ribbon of walls and wire with no horizon. At what is called the visitors centre, I surrendered my passport, wallet, credit cards, medical cards, money, phone, keys, comb, pen, paper.

I need two pairs of glasses. I had to choose which pair stayed behind. I left my reading glasses. From here on, I couldn’t read, just as Julian couldn’t read for the first few weeks of his incarceration. His glasses were sent to him, but inexplicably took months to arrive.

There are large TV screens in the visitors centre. The TV is always on, it seems, and the volume turned up. Game shows, commercials for cars and pizzas and funeral packages, even TED talks, they seem perfect for a prison: like visual valium.

I joined a queue of sad, anxious people, mostly poor women and children, and grandmothers. At the first desk, I was fingerprinted, if that is still the word for biometric testing.

Fake Lame-Stream News Narrative Of USA's Attempt At 'Regime Change' In Syria For The Zio-Jews Has Imploded

Watch this interview & determine yourself whether you find trustworthy the official report linking Assad to the chlorine attack which was sold in the media as casus belli for toppling Assad & has now been exposed by the fact-finders themselves as doctored.
By Max Abrahms: Every day there are new revelations that the “rebels” were in cahoots not only with Al Qaeda but also ISIS & official reports of Assad using chemical weapons were doctored according to the reports’ own authors.
Were you ever skeptical that Assad was authorizing chemical weapons attacks when they were the one thing that put his winning the war at risk?
Look at these humanitarian democratic peace-loving heroic Muslim women!
This image is totally realistic and not at all astroturfed.

Talmudic Tyranny: Philly's Top Lawyer Is National Currency Rapist Soros-Puppet Bent On Letting Blacks Murder Whites

'While blacks have been handed carte blanche to murder white people, they don't have any protection from other blacks in Soros' anarcho-tyrannical dystopia. ...His agenda is to put mostly Jews and non-white women with a track record of anti-white hostility in charge of who goes to jail and who doesn't.'
By Eric Striker: Last month, Michael White was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter in the stabbing of Sean Schellenger.
White, who is black, approached and began challenging the 37-year-old white man while he was engaged in a traffic dispute with an unrelated driver in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square.
Witnesses said White and Schellenger both squared up for a fist fight, only for White to pull out a knife and stab the unarmed man in the back with a 12 inch knife. Schellenger died.

It Is The International Banksters Who Rule Us

'Democratic governments are nothing more than decorative institutions to mask the true Authority, which resides in the International Banks.'
On the Source of Authority
By Hugo Salinas Price: For the sake of brevity, and because this is not a scholarly article, but only an examination of a theme that must be treated in as few words as possible, it is necessary to make some sweeping generalizations.
From the dawn of History and up until relatively recent times, humanity was governed by kings whose will was law; kings were supported by priesthoods who affirmed that the royal power was divinely instituted. Thus, kings were regularly regarded by their subjects as semi-gods.
One of the exclusive rights which kings have enjoyed throughout history was the creation of money. Historians attribute to Croesus, king of Lydia (a region of what is now Turkey) the minting of the first gold coins, which he used as an incentive to get his soldiers to fight. This was sometime around 500 BC.

Shinzo Abe's Gambit

'Abe's strategy is working in the short-term. The businessmen are creating monopolies in their industries and will continue to rake in profits as their people age, die and are replaced. But hopefully soon Abe will be forced to answer the most important question of all:
does honor have a price?'
By Eric Striker: The most recurring story Westerners get about Japan is that their society is old and dying.
The latest polling data shows that 40% of Japanese Millennials are virgins. Every year fewer couples get married and fewer babies are born than the last year. The country's median age? 46. 
This sterility is caused by the Allied imposition of two known race carcinogens: liberal capitalism and feminism.
National Castration 
These two doctrines were foisted upon the once proud nation by General Douglas MacArthur, who brought Jews in his carry-on to help write a new occupation "Constitution."