11 Dec 2019

The Feminist Chameleon

'We live in a society that promotes, finances and priorities feminist dogma over justice. Who cares if men suffer? Sure, it hurts relationships, creates a gender war and destabilizes society.'
Like many other groups, men are victims of injustice. What’s unique, however, is men’s inability to speak about said injustices. Other groups of people have platforms to speak about their issues. They get speaking invitations. Politicians run campaigns attempting to appeal to them. Schools teach us about their history in social science classes. Hollywood makes movies to raise awareness.
Unfortunately, men aren’t granted these benefits. When men speak up, we are put through frustrating levels of intolerance. Society spends their time telling people what our opinions and intentions are, as opposed to…idk…letting us speak for ourselves. We get lumped in with groups that we would never dream of affiliating with. Articles take all our words out of context. College students use these lies to censor our appearances on campuses. People who put on this facade of being in favor of human rights, suddenly find themselves in favor of bigotry and the status quo.

Daylight Robbery + Prepping For Mad Max?

Max and Stacy discuss the signs that all that is make-believe is about to get real; from the enormous debts backing the ‘earningless’ bull market rally and the fiat currency grid meeting the harsh reality of nations making demands for gold repatriation, the latest being Slovakia. In the second half, Max interviews Dominic Frisby about the history of taxes as outlined in his new book, DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. They discuss the history of taxation; from Mesopotamia to modern day France and the Yellow Vest movement. They also look at having a land value tax instead of income tax, which Frisby suggests is the worst of all options.

Jew Coup: TruNews Dives Deeper Into Jewish Impeachment

'They are harshly critical of Christian Zionism, and speak the truth where others are afraid to. What they are doing is nothing short of heroic. Their numbers are exploding as they refuse to shy away from controversial topics.'
RI: Two weeks ago, the popular Florida-based Christian broadcaster TruNews, hosted by pastor Rick Wiles, made waves when it laid out overwhelming evidence that for some strange reason, the main characters in the impeachment process, from prosecutors to witnesses, are mostly Jewish. They argued that this looks like a kind of 'Jew Coup', reminiscent of similar coups in Russia in 1918, and Germany in 1919.
They cited exclusively Israeli and American Jewish newspapers who had been crowing about this fact for weeks. For their trouble, Trunews's YouTube channel (subscribe while you still can, the more subscribers they have, the harder it will be to ban them) was blocked on YouTube for a week, and the offending video removed by YouTube, but it is still available on their website. It is a great broadcast, highly recommended.

President Al-Assad: Jewified Europe Was The Main Player In Creating Chaos In Syria

"There was no sectarian war, there was no ethnical war, there was no political war; it was terrorists supported by outside powers."
The interview that Jewified Italian
Rai News 24 refused to broadcast

In Russia The Government Controls The Banks, The Exact Opposite Of Jewified US And Europe

Watch the head of Russia's largest bank by far, owned by the government, report to Putin like a schoolboy taking a pop quiz. The body language of the two tell you everything you need to know about who is in charge.
RI: In Russia, the government controls the financial system and has dominant (but not complete) influence on the media.
In the US and Europe, financial interests control most of the media (except some of the alternative media), and have near total control over the government.

Remembrance Of Love Fills Men With Anguish And Desperate Hope

In twelfth-century France, a young man was forced to abandon his girlfriend. With medieval concern for gender equality, he described her as having more merit than all the men engaged in violence against men or in pursuing carnal love. He said that she had more merit than all the women dedicated to chastity or to carnal love. He declared his girlfriend to be more beautiful than the goddess Diana herself.[1] That goddess was renowned for shunning men and punishing harshly the male gaze. The young man’s girlfriend, in contrast, loved him warmly and generously. Now held distant from her, he lamented and suffered:
Recalling that time when by auspicious charm
the friendly Love-God joined me to you and you to me,
I lament and suffer that, even as I was before accustomed to do,
I am not able to unite my body with yours.