16 Dec 2019

See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon, Part 2

This truly is the battle of this century. Will a small cadre of unelected, unregulated, unaccountable thugs be allowed to use the massive power of the state
to rule over the plebs...
Authored by Jim Quinn: In Part 1 of this article I tried to link the greed and depravity of those pulling the strings behind the curtain of the Deep State with perpetual warfare being waged by the military industrial complex and the purposeful dumbing down of the populace so propaganda spewed by the Deep State’s media mouthpieces finds fertile ground. Pink Floyd’s lyrics from their existential album – Dark Side of the Moon – continue to resonate today, even more than they did in 1973. Breathe 
Breathe, breathe in the air
Don’t be afraid to care

White Knight Obama 'The Baby Bomber' Says Women Are "Indisputably Better" Than Men & Should Lead Every Country

'Former mangina in chief President Obama 'The Baby Bomber' said that if women ran every country, we would all live with significantly improved living standards and there would be less war and strife.'
By Tyler Durden: Clearly President Obama and his wife [who wears the trousers] are having some kind of lover's quarrel.
Speaking at a private event in Singapore on Monday, President Obama said that if women ran every country, we would all live with significantly improved living standards and there would be less war and strife. When it comes to leadership, women are "indisputably better" than men, Obama said, according to the BBC, which was apparently invited to the event.
Most of the world's problems, Obama said, stem from too many old men in positions of power, an obvious slight directed at President Donald Trump, though he wasn't explicitly named.

The Most Dangerous Political Party In Europe

'The best consequence of the vote is that the [Zio-Jew captured] Labour Party has been shredded into infinitesimal particles of political dust.'
By Gilad Atzmon: The Brits cast their votes. They had a choice between Nationalist - hard capitalism and a socialist manifesto that promised a four day workweek, free broadband, free higher education, saving the NHS and equality ahead. The election results couldn’t be more definitive:
When people are asked to choose between hard capitalism and socialism, capitalism wins. 
A lot can be said about the collapse of Labour and its leader. How is it possible that Corbyn, clearly a well meaning man, managed to get squashed by the pompous, not so nice, Boris Johnson?  How is it possible that the unruly Bojo crushed Britain’s socialist elder, the man who just three years ago appeared to be a rock star and the only hope for change? How is it possible that the British working class turned their backs on the man who promised to save their NHS, raise minimum wages and push for an equal and fairer society?

Climate Change 'Realist' Naomi Seibt: “Greta Is Stuck In A Bubble”

"In Germany there was a team from the main stream media who wanted to denounce me as an anti-Semite and of course I'm being labelled a climate change denier left and right. I'm not being treated very nicely by the main stream media. ...We're dealing with the main stream media shutting us down with free speech being threatened in this
climate change debate."
Rebel News

Leftist Losers React To UK Election

Paul Joseph Watson:
Insulting your potential voters doesn't work.
Imagine my shock!