19 Dec 2019

Central Banks Will Push Gold Higher in 2020 + Impossible IMF Debt

Max and Stacy discuss the many root causes of the frequent economic and monetary crises in Argentina. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Nick Giambruno of CaseyResearch.com about the economy of Argentina. They also discuss his recent piece arguing that central banks will push gold prices higher in 2020 as they continue to take physical delivery of the precious metal with record demand.

CA Rep. Maxine Waters Is Palestine’s Newest Hero!

Jewish Apartheid Israel regime, the playground bully, incarcerates hundreds of Palestinian children every year, and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA-43) is saying, “not with American tax dollars you don’t!”
By Kathryn Shihadah: Maybe Rep. Maxine Waters thinks it’s no big deal, or maybe she hoped to stay somewhat anonymous, but If Americans Knew can’t hold back. We’re thrilled to hear that Ms. Waters is the latest cosponsor of H.R.2407, No Way To Treat A Child! This important bill has one simple objective: to stop Israel from spending American aid money to incarcerate and torture children.
This is a big deal. Rep. Waters is only the 23rd legislator to cosponsor this bill. Just 23 out of 435 have the courage to stand up for children who have lived their entire lives under brutal occupation in an apartheid regime.

The Disposability Of Men ~ Infidelity And Paternity Fraud On The Jewish Side Of Israel's "Apartheid Wall"

'Both the voodoo mumbo jumbo Rabbinical as well as the secular feminist family courts deny DNA testing to the husband when there is fear that the child is the result of the wife’s extramarital affairs.'
By : When considering the disposability of men in Jewish Israel in the light of paternity fraud and Jewish female infidelity one of the most interesting aspects about the preservation of the anti-male code embedded in Jewish society is the figure of 18,000 abortions outside the framework of marriage. This information, like the rest of the data that I will provide, is hidden from the Jewish public. For this reason, the system refuses to provide the critical segmentation regarding this data.

Feelings Don't Care About Laurie Penny's Facts + "#BritainFirst" Trends On Twitter

Why aren't you listening, feminist bigots?

Illusion v Insomnia

Introduction by ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In order to understand Corbyn/Labour’s devastating defeat you have to examine the limits that define the Left’s delusional intellectual mode of thinking and the reasons why the Working Classes tend to reject the political bodies that claim to care about them. Rarely in history has there been a popular coup against an opposition Party. This is what we saw in Britain last week. In Being in Time I offered an analysis of Left’s detachment. I basically predicted Labour’s catastrophe.
Left ideology is like a dream. Aiming for what ‘ought to be’ rather than ‘what is’, it induces a level of utopian illusory detachment and depicts a phantasmal egalitarian world far removed from our abusive, oppressive and doomed reality. In this phantasmic future, people will just drift away from greed and gluttony, they will work less and learn to share, even to share that which they may not possess to start with.