26 Dec 2019

Annus Horribilis Jewish Kiddy-Fiddlers: Epstine's BFF Prince Andrew Sends Dog Butt Cards ~ Shunned Christmas Day

Authored by Emma Fiala: Prince Andrew just can’t catch a break. Ever since the Duke of York was accused of raping an underage girl and attempted to explain why he remained friends with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein during a disastrous television interview, things haven’t exactly been going his way.
Not only did Prince Andrew step back from public duties for the foreseeable future just days before his mother, Queen Elizabeth, cancelled his 60th birthday party back in November, but the Duke skipped his daughter’s engagement party earlier this month and was just banned from the traditional Christmas church service this year as a result of his numerous shortcomings as a member of the royal family.
The disgraced royal was ordered to not attend the traditional Christmas morning service at a small church on the Sandringham estate along with the rest of his family. Instead he was ordered to attend an earlier service, at 9am.
Andrew was photographed walking en route to the service along with his brother, Prince Charles.

Weekly Report On Jewish Human Rights Violations Against Indigenous Gentiles & Their Children In Occupied Palestinian

'This week, PCHR documented 224 violations of the international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) including against little Gentile children by the Jewish Israel Death Force (IDF) and Jewish Land Thieves in their Mega Concentration Camps for Indigenous Gentiles. This week witnessed an increase of Jewish violations regarding demolition and land theft activities in addition to Jewish Land Thieves’ attacks and incursions.'
Alison Weir: While most Americans were celebrating Christmas, this is what The Jewish regime in occupied Palestine were doing. US politicians give Israel over $10 million per day.

Risus Paschalis For Christmas: Laughing With Sarah, Isaac's Mum

Begin, little boy, to get to know mother with a laugh.
Ten months have brought a mother’s long labor.
Begin, little boy; for whom parents do not laugh,
no god honors at his table, no goddess honors in bed.

{ Incipe, parve puer, risu cognoscere matrem,
matri longa decem tulerunt fastidia menses.
Incipe, parve puer, cui non risere parentes,
nec deus hunc mensa, dea nec dignata cubili est. } [1]
Even at age seventy-four, Sarah was beautiful enough to be a wife for the King of Egypt. But she hadn’t produced any children. Eager for children, Sarah ordered her beta male husband Abraham to have sex with her slave-girl Hagar. Like most beta male husbands, Abraham did what his wife told him to do. He was potent enough at age seventy-five to have a child with Hagar. Sarah then blamed Abraham for the mother Hagar looking down on her. Whatever happens, men get blamed. With the passivity of a mangina who understands his subordination to women, Abraham the mangina told Sarah to do to Hagar whatever she wanted to do. Sarah then kicked Hagar and Hagar’s son Ishmael out of their home. Such is the cruel futility of family life in gynocentric society.

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Mary And Joseph's Battle Against The State

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker: The story of Christmas begins with a 90-mile trek in a dangerous world of robbers both private and public and ends with the Jewish elites having the son of god crucified. It was the first imposition of a head tax in that generation, by the tyrannical Caesar Augustus, who ruled the Roman Empire from 27 BC until AD 14.
And you know he had major ego issues. He changed the name of the month Sextillia to name it after himself: August. The calendar still pays him homage.
His major ambition in his reign was to restore a centralized empire. Raising revenue was a major priority of the regime, and this tax was a means of accomplishing that goal. 
Few people give voluntarily to any state. The state must rely on enforcement via coercion, including beatings and imprisonment. A state needs a standard by which to judge compliance, which means that taxation always and everywhere begins with accounting for all the people, their income and jobs. 
It was precisely this with the Edict of Caesar Augustus.

Hungary Axes LGBT Captured Eurovision Song Contest For The Good Of The People’s Mental Health

By Mike Walsh: Hungary has pulled out of the Eurovision Song Contest amid speculation that the annual competition is too queer for the country’s pro-family government. Hungary has not given an official reason for the withdrawal. However, a source at Hungary’s broadcaster, MTVA, reportedly said staff believed the move was about Eurovision’s association with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transvestite (LGBT) decadence and degeneracy.
“I was not surprised. It comes from the institutionalised culture of MTVA,” the anonymous source told a British newspaper in a report published Wednesday. The source said no explanation had been provided internally, but that positive coverage of queers issues was discouraged in the newsroom. The Budapest situated broadcaster declined to reply to questions raised.
Also, the Hungarian website index.hu quoted MTVA sources as speculating that the government thinks Eurovision is too gay to participate in.
When an opposition lawmaker last week asked a government minister why Hungary was withdrawing from Eurovision, he was told that the nation’s broadcaster was responsible for the decision.

Gender: Sophistry, Propaganda, An Exercise In Hostile Framing

By : I am going to ask the reader’s patience—just for a moment.  What we are going to examine is best understood with an example first.  Thus, it is best to keep the “cat in the bag” initially.
Imagine if you heard or read the following as a health alert, or a public service announcement.
“There is a condition that is the greatest source of death in the world.  This condition is chronic, progressive and uniformly fatal.
This condition is killing people all over the world—and most of us don’t even think of it as a problem.”
So far, so good?  Sound pretty familiar?  Let’s continue.
“It is chronic:  once you have it, it keeps going.
It is progressive:  it is characterized by a set of symptoms that worsen over time.
It is uniformly fatal:  all who contract this condition die.  There is currently no cure.  The fatality rate is 100%.”